The Wow! Signal



NASA's recent announcement that it will begin to study UFOs has created quite a buzz across mainstream media and social networks. Many critics of the national space agency cite its long historical reticence to address the subject as a red flag that should not be ignored. After all, if conspiracy aficionados are right, NASA already has ample evidence not only of the existence of UFOs spanning decades, but even possibly exopolitical ties to various alien civilizations. Whether true or not, one thing is certain: NASA is definitely a reluctant late-comer to the UFO party.

With news of NASA's involvement in UFO research, various online media platforms are beginning to include in their suggestions algorithms, historical cases of potential alien contact. While browsing YouTube for more details of this new UFO study being launched later this year, a remarkable documentary about the 1977 Wow! Signal was offered as a possible topic of interest.

In the film embedded above, you'll learn about a mysterious narrow-band radio signal received back in 1977 from deep in outer space. Originally cataloged as a potential extraterrestrial message, the discovery became a lighting rod of controversy that is yet to settle down. Because radio astronomy was in its infancy and the signal never repeated, many renowned NASA scholars considered the intriguing radio transmission a spurious transient event that didn't amount to much. Were they wrong? Watch the documentary and judge for yourself.