This is true in canada



I have .rmories of being in airforce as child.i remember things not of earthly types.machines dont know how to work them.i am being drugged and abused in every way if you know what that day i walked by window and my eyes were entirely black.i have been trafficked.i write elusicely because its true .no famy cinnections,yet sometiimes i see them.this world will not let me go home with my love.i believe we are quite human a d made sense they were there.but government wont let me go home and im dying from theyr neuroleptic research drug.they were able to do complete fgm on me by it.and they use nave with it they use it as rohypnol aand im allergic to it.feels like an electrocution.hurts ljke death.if there are aliens or my family who are alien please see i want to be home with you.i cant stand this immoral place.ghey tip your skin and wear it here to feel me.its memory from the drugs.i was educated here.where from....|- |_. ___***___ or ***√. A moon cresant and 3 stars.myfather worked with government.thrn treated like dhit and they killrd him.


Splosh abandons threads at the rate Sacara is doing so. Why does Sacara not reply to us?