UFO Debris at Stanford University



Image: Jacques Vallée/Nolan Lab

We just learned that famous ufologist and scientist, Dr. Jacques Vallée, has submitted various vials said to contain UFO material to Stanford University's Nolan Lab for analysis. Some of the alleged extraterrestrial debris in his possession dates back to 1947 and may even be part of the Roswell crash. Research scientists at the lab will make use of a revolutionary new process called "Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging" to study the structure and composition of the samples provided by Dr. Vallée.

Over several decades, the noted French researcher and author has collected a significant number of UFO-related evidence in the form of exotic metal fragments originating from purported extraterrestrial craft. Samples from two South American UFO incidents have already yielded incredible results under close observation, giving support to the hypothesis that whatever their origin is, it is most definitely not Earth.

Dr. Garry Nolan - a Stanford microbiologist who is currently working on Vallée's fragments - was surprised by the preliminary composition results of the material. The ratio of isotopes present in the samples simply do not match any configuration present in natural or engineered elements in our planet. "If you’re talking about an advanced material from an advanced civilization you’re talking about something that I'll just call an ultra material. It’s something which has properties where somebody is putting it together again at the atomic scale. We’re building our world with 80 elements, somebody else is building the world with 253 different isotopes."