UFOs Attacked by U.S Forces



A night-time military video shows what appears to be an airstrike against multiple UFOs hovering over Kandahar Province in Afghanistan. The objects, captured on FLIR, were sighted by the 10th Mountain Light Infantry Division during its 2011 deployment to the region. In the video, the UFOs are seen in a static position dripping some unknown substance to the ground right before they are hit by a sidewinder missile fired from an A-10 Warthog, which caused no apparent damage. The Pentagon is yet to confirm this event.
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The humanitarian

I will watch it soon. I have run out of data nearly.

UFO's are everywhere these days. Increasing in frequency. I wonder if they have charts to show the increase. Then using integration in the differential equations and trigo iden-tities we can deduce that I need another beer. I mentioned beer because these are strange times that gives us the excuse to try and not think so that we do not get head aches trying to contemplate then comprehend these events.