UFOs Buzz Sweden



Image: Commons/SVT

Mystery drones are at it again. This time, the Scandinavian nation of Sweden was perturbed by a fleet of UFOs observed hovering over three of the country's most important nuclear power plants in the early evening hours of Friday, January 14. On Saturday, Swedish authorities put out a press release describing how several unidentified, luminous, drone-like objects were documented by security personnel stationed at said facilities.

Preliminary reports indicate the UFO incursions may have happened simultaneously at the Orsmark and Oskarshamn nuclear facilities, both electricity-generating stations located along the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. A third drone intrusion into sensitive airspace is yet to be confirmed, but it appears that a breach of security also occurred at or near the Ringhals nuclear power plant, as reported by the Swedish national public television broadcaster SVT.

As local authorities scramble to investigate the enigmatic sightings, Sweden's armed forces are noticeably increasing their presence in key strategic regions to curtail any potential Russian drone incursion into sensitive areas vital to the economy and welfare of the nation. Continue reading below.