UFOs on Curt Jaimungal's TOE



Image: Curt Jaimungal/TOE
The Trinidad-born, Toronto-raised young filmmaker Curt Jaimungal is taking social media by storm with his YouTube channel Theories of Everything. Curt, who is academically trained in mathematical physics from the University of Toronto, is conducting a series of groundbreaking interviews with prominent personalities in the fields of science, philosophy, and even UFOs.

Over the last few months, Curt has taken a deep dive into the ocean of unidentified aerial phenomena with the ambitious goal of incorporating the combined wealth of knowledge from researchers and former government insiders into a feature film. To date, he's amassed enough hours of material on the subject to form a comprehensive picture of the state of ufology from a sociopolitical, scientific, and philosophical point of view.

Like many young newcomers to the field, Curt hit the ground running and is not shy to ask tough questions or consider the most farfetched hypotheses. Inquisitively open-minded and educated in the rigors of mathematics, Curt is positioning himself as the model of a 21st-century researcher who is not afraid to investigate the unexplained.

In this thread, we will compile all of Curt's podcasts dealing with our favorite subject for the benefit of our members and guests. Interviews will be embedded as they become available online. Enjoy.