Unexplained Experience



There was an experience I had as a child that I still do not understand.
Maybe it never happened however, it was the first unexplained experience I have had.
My mother was driving and my younger brother and I were in the back seat we were
picked up from my grandmothers I believe after my mother had worked.
We were playing the back when the car stopped in what I can remember a line up, maybe,
but that doesn't make sense. I remember looking out the window up to the sky and seeing
a red dot moving, thinking not much of it I looked to the front window and seen some lights
which then moved from the front of the car to the back. While it moved I swear to this day
that it went through the car. From front to back a bright light as if it was "scanning". When it reached
the center of the roof and close to us in the back it seems as if I could see through the roof
up into the light? It was over very fast and soon after the light did this we were moving again.
This could be a child being tired, or in a dream state I have no idea it just stuck in my mind for
many decades. I never shared it and thought since discovering this site I would. Could be nothing
could be contact. I have had other unexplained phenomena through the years. This was the first.

Thanks for reading!!
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