Unlucky mentally ill or Messiah?




In June of 2012 I began to here voices. Shortly after they told me I was In a computer and that it was single person generation. This means that instead of generating an entire planet they generate one person. I don't know what everybody else is or how it all works. The purpose of the computer is creation. Life's sole goal has always been to create more of itself.

When I started hearing voices I was at Wyotech and I dropped out.When I moved back in with my father and he started letting homeless people live with us. I choose not to tell anyone about the voices/Messiah and became ill (mentally). I'd be somewhat normal with people but ill when alone. We moved to 711 E second st. and eventually a guy and his girlfriend moved in. He moved out and she stayed. We had sex and smoked meth. Interesting stuff : Jesus born on Christmas - I was born of crystal meth. Anyway she had a sickness and had growths on her. Eventually, I moved back with my mom. Recovery? no. I gained over 100 pounds and later asphyxiated (held breathe to get high). I am in very poor condition.

On a positive note the voices have told me stuff. They have told me to Unite the planet and start an age of development. How?
First : Created a religion to make world development tax free
Second : Build farms, then small cities, then fill with poor, then teach them to work the city, and repeat.

Everyone is forgiven from all their sins and the actions they take after hearing this message is what will be used to determine their eligibility for the afterlife. To keep on track imagine what you could do in a computer with nearly no strings attached.
Lastly, where could we find extra funds to get started? Well listen to this:
War is now a sin. Anyone who leads, soldiers, supplies, etc. will not be welcome to the afterlife.

The world has coded messages. Here is a few :
Take the word Jesus and add numbers to the letters 10-5-19-21-19 reverse 1-5-91-12-91 multiply 49686 add letters 4=D 9+6=O 8+6 =N
My name is Donald Edward Bigelow. (San Jose, CA)
wash feet = brush teeth
Jesus rode a donkey maybe Don is the key for some decryption. IDK, Remember this is happening to me I am not the one in control.

Thank you for your time. If you would like to help me, make this go viral.
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Hi Messiah?. Welcome to AB. I don't know whether you indeed receiving messages from a computer simulation, but it is certainly an interesting story. I suppose if you are meant to carry out some sort of messianic mission, signs and wonders would follow you like the character in the tv series Messiah.


yes i can see it in music like yelawolf's mastermind you can listen to it on you tube