USAF's New Eye



Image: USAF

The Air Force is in the final stages of testing its new infrared search and track pod - and it is a marvel of modern technology. The Legion Pod, as it is officially called, obtained initial operating capability early this month and will soon enter full-time service on the belly of various flying platforms.

Lockheed Martin, the pod's manufacturer, describes the new airborne sensor as a "game-changer" in the battlespace. Equipped with one of the most sophisticated infrared optics in the free world - and capable of discriminating friend from foe miles before they become an issue - the pod will also be able to actively jam and counter enemy radar when necessary.

Although its primary mission is to aid pilots flying inside contested airspace where radar capabilities are denied due to unfriendly active electronic jamming, this next-generation thermographic camera is unofficially able to double-duty as a possible UFO-detecting instrument. With the new Senate mandate instructing all defense branches to monitor and report UAP activities over sensitive airspace, this new pod could come in handy for detecting those pesky unidentified critters that love to hang around our military assets and equities.