Watered Down Disclosure?



Hey y’all, what is everyone’s thoughts on the amount if any we are about to get on disclosure. I know they are going to confirm that some of the UAPs are in fact there’s and have been top secret and could not be disclosed so they had to let us believe they where other worldly. I am still giving them the benefit of the doubt for more. In fact this being the age of Aquarius has me thinking they may just let the flood gates open and downplay any knowledge, meaning they are aware that aliens and ufos exist, but they know about as much as the average person. They will deny any Roswell coverup or greadys treaty with Eisenhower or making a technology deal with the greys so when the ETs finally show themselves they can seem as shocked as the rest of us while saving face? What do you all think disclosure will look like come June?


I can't see any confirmations on anything historical like Roswell. I think it is more about open acknowledgement that the government is looking atvUAPs. The dont know what many of them are and there is departments dedicated to looking at them. I think they will declassify and release some footage that will be very non committal. Im my opinion it is more about justified spending on space force and other dept than it is about disclosure.