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In a recent interview with Luis Elizondo, noted UFO researcher Richard Dolan asked the former AATIP director about the existence of a secret group called Zodiac, an alleged outfit comprised of high-level government personnel in charge of UFO crashes and retrievals. In his usual demeanor, Mr. Elizondo tacitly assented that he was aware of it but declined to elaborate.


Even though not much time was spent on the topic, the tidbit of information sparked the curiosity of UFO enthusiasts, who immediately flooded Mr. Dolan's inbox with all sorts of questions about the secretive organization.

The root of the Zodiac conspiracy can be traced back to a 3-part article published in UFO Magazine in 1998. On the May-June, September, and December 1998 issues, an author by the name of Greg Halifax wrote about a fictional character named Sedge Masters who is recruited into the black program for the purpose of aiding in conducting covert operations that dealt with the UFO phenomenon.

In the articles, the similarities between Zodiac and the infamous MAJESTIC-12 program are hard to miss. But it is speculated that the former was/is a spinoff of the latter that directly managed the boots on the ground at every UFO crash scene.

While it is uncertain if the two organizations are indeed related, Elizondo's reluctant acknowledgment casts an air of credibility about the existence of Zodiac and its possible influence at the highest levels of the Pentagon.

Zodiac is said to utilize the best of the best in terms of military manpower for its retrieval operations. Former Pentagon insiders hint that the Navy's DEVGRU is currently the sole source of personnel for this elite group of alien hunters.

For your convenience, we'll embed the articles in question and a recent Richard Dolan interview where he addresses the Zodiac cover-up conspiracy.