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Flat Earth Journey Foiled

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Flat Earth, a conspiracy theory that has grown in popularity over the past decade, is an archaic, pre-Socratic model of the Earth that proposes a flat-shape geometry for our planet. According to this model, the Earth is a disc of varying thickness surrounded by a huge wall of ice at its periphery. The ice, said to be around 150 feet tall, is there to prevent people from walking or climbing off the edge. Modern adepts of such model, despite having the benefits of readily available information at their fingertips, decry any proof provided by science that is contrary to their beliefs, citing that established science is part of a globally organized conspiracy to fabricate and disseminate evidence for a round Earth.

Flat-earthers, often belonging to an older demographic with plenty of time in their hands and an unbound curiosity backed by years of savings, will occasionally try to ascertain for themselves the veracity...

The O'Hare Airport UFO

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November 7, 2006, was shaping up to be just another day of 'business as usual' at Chicago's O'Hare, until its busy activity was stopped in its track by an uninvited cosmic visitor. At approximately 4:15 p.m, an unidentified object was observed hovering just below the thick overcast over Concourse C, a United Airline's area of operations. A ramp agent, who was in the process of pushing a United flight out of Gate C-17 and into the tarmac, was reportedly the first person to notice the round, silent craft eerily suspended up in the air.
I tend to be scientific by nature, and I don't understand why aliens would hover over a busy airport. But I know that what I saw and what a lot of other people saw stood out very clearly, and it definitely was not an [Earth] aircraft. -- United mechanic who observed the UFO above Gate C-17.

The UFO, vividly described by a dozen or so airport employees and several...

Mariah's Swift UFO

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When Mariah Lyn boarded a plane back in 20 August, little did she know her flight, departing from Philadelphia International Airport at around 11:00 AM that morning, would soon be intercepted by a UAP. Shortly after takeoff, Mariah decided to record the aerial scenery from her window's seat, when suddenly an unidentified object caught her attention as it streaked by.

Immediately focusing her phone's camera on the fast-moving UFO, Ms. Lyn managed to capture incredible footage of a silvery disc flying at a distance from the aircraft at high speed before disappearing from sight. She quickly uploaded the video to her YouTube account, where it is getting significant views and attention from UFO enthusiasts, who are analyzing the video for possible clues about the propulsion mechanism of the flying saucer.

Kiss Me, Baby!

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Image: Raff Nasir via Twitter

Malaysia, a land of eclectic traditions and enthralling beauty, is paradise on the Indo-Pacific for the discerning visitor. But lurking beneath the Azure of its waters - wonders await the intrepid.

On July 2, 2020, Raff Nasir posted two pictures of a strange fish caught in the waters of Malaysia that went viral. The bizarre sea creature, later identified as a Triggerfish, is often found dwelling in the coral reefs of shallow tropical and subtropical coastal habitats of the world.

Known for being ill-tempered and biting divers if they intrude on his territory, the human-shaped-mouth-and-rows-of pristine-white-teeth-that-would- make-some-people-envious fish, soon found itself at the center of unwanted human attention before...

McDonald's T-Rex Statue Under Attack

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Image: Google
Please help! This McDonald's has this dinosaur and refuses to remove it. Call the manager and demand the removal of this blasphemy!

Thus began Josh Brown's Facebook battle cry to remove a beloved Tucson, Arizona landmark. The agitator, a former member of a Facebook conspiracy theory group named Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD), took to social media to rally support for the immediate removal of what the group considers to be "a scam perpetrated by scientists, possibly as part of some liberal plot against religion."

The vociferous member's rationale behind the campaign was to allegedly bring awareness to the public of a science conspiracy that seeks to undermine the true history of our planet. Dinosaurs displays, said Mr. Brown, are "furthering the myth that the Earth is much older than the Bible says. The dinosaur should go unless they’re willing to compromise with...

Area 51 Mystery Plane

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Image: Duncan Phenix
Las Vegas' journalist Duncan Phenix, is currently investigating reports of a mystery airplane conducting flights to and fro the Tonopah Test Range and Area 51. The plane, a 1950s Douglas DC-3 (call sign C-GOOU) registered to a Canadian company who denies owning the aircraft, was tracked for several days making unusual trips to military bases in the region before returning to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, where it is apparently housed.

At present, it's unknown which company the mystery plane belongs to or why it is being allowed to fly over highly restricted military installations, but intercepted communication between the plane and traffic control could indicate that it is conducting some sort of cartography mission (?):

Tower: “Do any mapping today OSCAR OSCAR UNIFORM?”
C-GOOU pilot: “(inaudible) some; looks like it was...

UFO Tracks ISS

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Image: NASA
An unidentified object was captured following the trajectory of the International Space Station (ISS). Cameras onboard the modular collaboration tracked the mysterious bus-sized craft for over twenty minutes, which was estimated to be traveling at around 50 miles-per-second in front of the ISS.

The UFO, sporting a distinctive arrowhead shape, does not seen to match any spacecraft in Earth's inventory and it's highly unlikely that a piece of space debri would garnish so much attention from NASA.

The "alien" vessel sighting, originally reported by Scott Waring of ET Data Base, could be part of a top-secret black project being tested in low-Earth orbit by the U.S.

Sabotage at Arecibo?

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Image: University of Central Florida
It is said that the alleged Deep State will stop at nothing to thwart any movement to disclose the reality that Earth is being visited by intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations. And conspiracy theorists point to the recent catastrophic accident that occurred to the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico as a hallmark of their sinister handiwork. But first, some context ...

In the early hours of Monday, August 10, an auxiliary cable responsible for supporting a metal platform above the inverted Arecibo dome inexplicably broke, causing a 100-foot-long gash in the telescope’s reflector dish - a disastrous event that caused it to halt its observing operations indefinitely. The iconic science platform, in operation since 1963, used to be the world's largest single-dish radio telescope until it was surpassed by China's FAST radio telescope, which saw "first light" on...

Unidentified River Object

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Image: City of Delaware
The Olentangy River in the State of Delaware gave up some of its secrets on 22 August - when a group of city workers and volunteers conducting a river cleanup - discovered a saucer-shaped piece of metal resembling a UFO.

The 880-pound mysterious object, which had to be lifted from the water with a backhoe, perplexed both local residents and the city government, which posted pictures of it on their social media accounts and even asked NASA whether the chunk of metal was perhaps "a lost Apollo capsule that overshot the ocean and splashed down in our Olentangy River."


Image: City of Delaware
The object, much to the chagrin of online alien enthusiasts, who ran with the story as if it were a modern-day UFO crash retrieval, turned out to...

FAST Alien

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Image: FAST

China officially started their project to eavesdrop on possible alien communications this month. The country’s Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST), one of the world's most largest and sensitive radio telescopes, was commissioned back in 2016 but spent several years undergoing upgrades and fine-tuning to prepare it for its principal missions.

The massive ear to the sky, built inside a natural terrain depression in Guizhou, a mountainous province in southwest China, is already making significant advances in astronomy with over one hundred and two pulsar star discoveries under its belt. Some of the telescope's goals also include a large scale neutral hydrogen survey and the detection and study of interstellar molecules.

The mission that has gained the most attention, however, is the one dedicated to look for "artificial noise" that may originate from alien sources. Chief...


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Image: Odimar Souza
Brazilian landscapers pruning trees in the town of Itaquirai were suddenly stopped from their toil by a miraculous tree branch. Odimar Souza, director of the roadwork crew tasked with clearing the street of overgrown vegetation for an upcoming street paving, was notified by one of his workers of a strange figure inside one of the semi-sliced tree trunks.

The workers initially thought that the odd pattern in the tree trunk looked like a butterfly, but the equipment malfunctioned before they could finish cutting off the branch to have a closer look. Upon fixing their chainsaw, the crew resumed cutting the branch only to discover what Souza later described as a "piece of perfection."

The sliced branch, having what appears to be a burn mark from the cutting process, contains a humanoid figure that witnesses say bears an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ. News of the divine apparition...

How to Hunt UFOs

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Image: skyhub.org
Rule number one: get yourself a gun? Nah. You just might cause an interstellar incident and accidentally bust a cap in your posterior. We are currently living in the 21st century, and a lot has changed technology-wise. Rather than jumping into a van and go look for UFOs, better ways of monitoring alien activity are being developed right now that will bring the hunt to your very own doorstep, roof, patio, ranch, hood shack, or beachfront property.

Enter SkyHub - A world-wide, public search for UAPs using a global network of machine-learning, smart cameras and sensor-arrays built by you with opensource software. The initiative, comprised of a brilliant team of academics and technology experts with former ties to various intelligence communities, is deploying monitoring stations using a unique program to scan the skies for unidentified aerial phenomena.

The UFO tracking platform, consisting...

Russia Wants Alaska Back

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Image: Russian Defense Ministry Press Service
Or so it appeared to a group of sailors fishing off the coast of Alaska in the early hours of Wednesday, when their fleet of commercial vessels suddenly bumped into the Russian Navy conducting military drills right in their backyard.

Steve Elliott, a sailor aboard one of the fishing trawlers, reports hearing Russian communications on their ship's radio warning any commercial ship in the area to move out of the way:
Three warships and two support vessels of theirs were coming and would not turn. And they came marching right through the fleet.

USNORTHCOM, Russia's largest war game since the Soviet Era, "is taking place in international waters well outside the U.S. territorial sea," Russian officials say. The exercise, involving dozens of ships, aircraft, and submarines, is part of Russia’s efforts to establish its presence in the Arctic...

Illuminati Card Game: An Oracle?

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Image: Steve Jackson Games
Illuminati: New World Order, an out-of-print collectible card game released in 1994 by Steve Jackson Games (SJG), is the subject of a controversial conspiracy theory. The game, which pits players against one another in pursuit of world domination, bears eerie similarities to some of the darkest events in recent human history, such as 9/11, the COVID pandemic and the Deepwater Horizon oil leak .The game's players, in their role of Illuminati puppet masters, are encouraged to launch all manner of black-ops and false flag operations against their own people in order to create a state of chaos that will eventually lead to increased wealth and power over the masses.

All 330 cards in the game, made in the early 90s, illustrate in remarkable detail a series of events that became reality in our world. This coincidence did not escape conspiracy theorists, who immediately pondered...

U.S. States Most Visited by UFOs

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The numbers are in! According to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), California and Florida are the U.S. states with the highest number of UFO reports in the nation. It is unknown why these two are the preferred choice of our interstellar visitors. But given the high concentration of aerospace companies and military research facilities in both states, not to mention their population density, one can make an educated guess that these regions of the country make for a prime laboratory for any visiting advanced ET civilization. Skeptics, however, attribute the rise of unidentified flying objects reports to the ever-increasing media coverage of the phenomenon.

Peter Davenport, NUFORC's director since 1994, is cautious about the recent media-induced UFO hype:
Coverage is trendy. That’s one of the problems we have. A lot of UFOlogists are very serious people indeed, doing serious work, and we only get...

Trump 2020

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Amidst a thousand or so political allies, and close family members, president Trump accepted the Republican Party's nomination for a second term in the White House. The ceremony, full of pomp and circumstance, culminated the 2020 Republican National Convention in a display of fireworks and opera.

Shortly before the spectacular wrap-up, president Trump gave a prolonged speech warning voters of the impeding doom that will befall America should it elect Joe Biden as its next leader. Trump, never shy of extolling his own virtues, delivered a powerful message citing the accomplishments of his presidential tenure while going after his rivals with his usual candor.

During the speech, the president chastised Biden's record and accused him of having a nefarious globalist agenda saying that “if given the chance, he [Biden] will be the destroyer of American greatness.” Trump then moved on to criticize "cancel culture" and the...

Blue Book's Principal Investigator

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Image: Creative Commons (CC)
By late September 1947, the US Air Force was flooded with a series of reports about mysterious objects in the sky that were causing public hysteria. The Air Force, no longer able to ignore the public's confusion and reaction to these aerial interlopers, set out to find out what they were, and quickly launched an investigation called Project Sign (later renamed Project Blue Book).

Wanting to hire an outside expert to sift through the reports they received - they turned to J. Allen Hynek, Director of the McMillin Observatory at Ohio State University. Hynek, then only 37 years old, had previously done some research for the US Government during the war developing new defense technologies, such as radio-controlled fuses:

"One day, I got a couple of visitors from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. They mentioned the topic of flying saucers and asked if I...

50 Megaton Tsar Bomba Footage Declassified

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Russia just declassified footage of the detonation of one of the largest nuclear bombs ever tested. The RDS-220 hydrogen bomb, commonly known as the Tsar Bomba, exploded on 30 October, 1961 over Severny, a Russian Arctic island. The video, courtesy of the Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation, reveals closely guarded secrets of the nuclear explosion conducted by the former Soviet Union as a test study of a multi-stage thermonuclear weapons design.

Bizarre UFO Incidents

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Image: Creative Commons (CC)
Sightings of unidentified flying objects are often innocuous and short-lived. The encounters, albeit leaving a memorable impression, are quickly internalized and incorporated into the personal narrative of the experiencers with no lasting negative residua. Other encounters, however, take a turn for the surreal.

On January 7, 1948, an unidentified object was seen in the sky over the city of Madisonville, Kentucky. According to Army Air Field reports, the object was circular, 80–90 metres in diameter "having the appearance of a flaming red cone trailing a gaseous green mist."

Concerned over the strange intruder, the Kentucky Air National Guard ordered 25-year-old Captain, Thomas F. Mantell, to take to the sky on a P-51 combat aircraft to identify the mysterious object. But the situation ended in tragedy. The captain, responsible for chasing the UFO - along with two other pilots...

Google Displays Cambrian Monster

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Image: Google
If you were to find yourself swimming in one of Earth's Cambrian seas five hundred million years ago, chances are you would have encountered Cambropachycope, a very strange one-eyed, ten-legged crustacean with a peculiar cone-shaped head and the ability to close the distance to you in a hurry using his last two limbs, which had become flippers.

Since we are not able to go back in time (at least not yet) to behold this fantastic creature, Google Arts & Culture decided to bring us, through the magic of Augmented Reality (AR), "a menagerie of prehistoric animals back to digital life."

The fossilized remains of Cambropachycope, first found in Greenland in 1990, are now digitally reconstructed and available for viewing on your phone, allowing us a glimpse into the diverse fauna of prehistoric marine ecosystems.