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Space Force Goes Operational

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The newly created U.S. Space Force held a ceremony on one September to enlist Air Force personnel into the sixth branch of the Armed Forces. The historical event, conducted at Al Udeid Air Base in the State of Qatar, deployed the first twenty inducted recruits into active roles in space defense:

While a sunset would usually have signaled the end of just another day at Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, for 20 military members the golden hour glow seemed to symbolize the promise of a new beginning. Enlisted and commissioned Airmen assigned to the 16th Expeditionary Space Control Flight and the 609th Air Operations Center joined the U.S. Space Force during enlistment and oath of office ceremonies at the Silent Sentry compound Sept. 1, 2020.

Al Udeid Air Base, established back in '96, is the base of operations for Central Command (CENTCOM) in the Persian Gulf. During operation Desert...

9/11 - 19 Years Later

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9/11 has become such a polarizing event in history, that much like in politics or religion, it often requires to parse one's words carefully before engaging it. Two conflicting narratives are at play; and both have ample evidence to back them up depending on who you speak with. The official version of the events is that foreign nationals planned and executed a painstakingly crafted terrorist attack on the U.S under the auspices of Osama Bin laden, the leader and founder of the militant organization al-Qaeda.

The alternative version, a rather engrossing narrative of a dastardly act allegedly perpetrated, or at the very least tacitly allowed by the U.S. to take place, is the preferred narrative of the "9/11 Truthers," or "9/11 skeptics," a vocal group of independent conspiracy theorists who ardently dispute the findings of the 9/11 Commission...

Dr. Bruce's Flying Triangle

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Image: B. Cornet, M. Whitford, and D. Bertram at bufod.co.uk
The unidentified, triangle-shaped object above, was filmed by Dr. Bruce Cornet in August of '93 over the Hudson Valley, in New York State. Over a decade earlier, the region was witness to an unprecedented UFO flap that captured the attention of the whole nation. Between the years 1980 and 1986, thousands of residents of the Hudson River Valley reported a tidal wave of UFO sightings of all shapes and sizes ranging from boomerang-like formations, to an assorted variety of luminous triangles and other interesting geometrical shapes:

It was a very large object. The structure of it was very dark gray, metallic, almost girder-type looking… The object seemed to be very silent. The lights were iridescent, bright, they stood out in the sky and three-dimension. It looked like a...

Die Glocke Wunderwaffe

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A short time after the reunification of Germany in 1990, rumors about the discovery of a stash of documents pertaining to a secret Nazi program, which were allegedly found in the annals of some government building, began circulating all over Europe. The program, code name "Die Glocke" (German for "The Bell"), was supposedly a Nazi Germany project to create a super weapon that would afford the crumbling Third Reich a final victory in the last days of World War Two.

Igor Witkowski, a Polish journalist historically credited as the first person to write about the Nazi Bell in his book, The Truth About The Wonder Weapon, dissected in detail the concerted effort by a German team of scientists and engineers to develop a bell-shaped contraction capable of motion through space and even time. The experimental group, under the leadership of SS General Hans Kammler (see photo above), was said to be under orders from the...

Western Apocalyptic Skies

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The out-of-control wildfires raging through the west coast of the U.S. are generating the kind of gloomy news scenes that are often depicted in post-apocalyptic films. The smoke from the fires have shrouded many cities with a thick, orange haze reminiscent of the atmospheric conditions on Mars or even some hellish exoplanet that is too close to its sun. According to experts, these are the largest wildfires recorded in the continental US since 1910. The density of smoke, particularly in the lowest parts of the atmosphere, has all but obscured the sun in many cities, turning the morning hours into an eerie zombie-like twilight:

Extremely dense & tall smoke plumes from numerous large wildfires...

U.K. Teen Captures UFO Above Her House

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Image: Rosie Bowman
Rosie Bowman, a North Ayrshire, Scotland teen out for an evening stroll through her neighborhood, couldn't help to notice the strange light formation up in the sky. The unidentified object, described by Rosie as a curved, cylinder-shaped craft, was spotted hovering above her residence. The teen, quick with her phone, snapped a picture of the mysterious UFO before it departed.

Rosie's mom, a beautician who owns a hair spa in town, has shown the photo to her local customers who are amazed at the sighting and wonder if it is indeed a craft from another world. After pondering whether it could have been a weird weather phenomenon such as lightning sprites or even one of Elon Musk's Starlink satellites, the Bowman's have decided to let the unidentified ship remain ... unidentified.


Lex Fridman Interviews David Fravor

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Image: Lex Fridman via YouTube
Noted Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning research scientist at MIT, Lex Fridman, just uploaded an interviewed with Cmdr. David Fravor to his YouTube podcast channel. The conversation focused on Fravor's Navy career and his strange encounter with the Tic Tac UAP. This interview reflects the interest that is slowly developing in the halls of academia for what used to be a taboo subject. Thanks in large part to TTSA and to hugely popular podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience and Lex Fridman's, the UFO subject is getting the attention it deserves.

Australians Find No Sign of E.T.

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Image: Creative Commons (CC)
One of the biggest search for signs of alien life among our local stars was conducted by the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) in the Autralian outback with negative results. The radio telescope survey scanned a large swath of the sky listening for low-frequency emissions indicating the presence of alien intelligence in our cosmic neighborhood.

The wide-field array, capable of observing millions of stars simultaneously, concentrated its search on a rather populated star region of the Vela Constellation in the southern hemisphere. For seventeen straight hours, the astronomers operating the radio interferometer listened and waited for any artificial broadcast in the FM band that could be catalogued as a "'technosignature."

With this dataset, we found no technosignatures—no sign of intelligent life. And even though this was a really big study, the amount of space we...

Mystery Ball Falls from the Sky

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Image: Creative Commons (CC)
Namibia, a country with a vast territory of grasslands and deserts, is home to a variety of wildlife and one of the smallest human populations in Africa - with a little over two million residents. But one day, the peace and tranquility of its wild baboons was suddenly interrupted by several loud sky explosions that shook the ground and left the sparse human community of a local village baffled with wonder.

Days after the strange sonic events, a large, metallic hollow sphere was found in the vicinity where the explosions were heard. The mystery object, described as two hemispheres welded together, thirteen to fourteen inches in diameter, and weighing approximately thirteen pounds, was recovered from a one-foot deep mini impact crater.

Authorities investigating the event speculate that the loud...

Mexico's Roswell

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Image: A. Nichols
In 1992, an anonymous source contacted several prominent UFO researchers via mail with an amazing story and a cache of "Top Secret Eyes Only" documents containing an official U.S. intelligence report of an extraterrestrial incident that occurred on Mexican soil. The event narrative contained in the above-mentioned documents, describes in detail a 25 August, 1974 crash between a unidentified flying object and a small airplane said to have taken place near Coyame, a rural town in the State of Chihuahua close to the U.S border.

According to the classified report, U.S. defense radar monitoring the southern airspace detected a UAP approaching the continental U.S. from the Gulf of Mexico. The object, traveling at approximately 2,400 miles per hour, was observed to be in a collision course with a small plane en route to Mexico City from El Paso, Texas. The monitoring station tracked both objects...

The UFO Tooth

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Image: Coast to Coast AM
The mysterious object, ejected from a UFO, is now being analyzed by TTSA's Aquisition and Data Analysis of Materials (A.D.A.M.) project as part of their mission's mandate to study samples of materials originating from UAP encounters. The artifact, the only evidence left from an extraordinary close encounter with a UFO craft, was found by one Bob White during a road trip.

In 1987, Mr. White (now deceased) and a female companion decided to embark on a trip to Las Vegas from their hometown in Colorado. When the couple approached the Nevada state line, they saw a large, luminous object hovering approximately one hundred yards in front of their vehicle. As they got closer, the UFO took off at rapid speed, but before it disappeared, it ejected a small fiery object to the ground.

The artifact, later recovered by Mr. White and analyzed at Los Alamos National Laboratory, is said to be...

The Basement Office

Carter Wept

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Image: Creative Commons (CC)
In 1960, The Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank, conducted a study on the societal ramifications of the nascent U.S. space program and the eventual discovery of extraterrestrial life. In one of its findings, the study questioned the ability of the public to handle the news that we may not alone in the universe. This proclamation by such an authoritative source, made the US Government even more apprehensive about sharing any information with the people relating to the increasing UFO/ET presence on Earth:

Since intelligent life might be discovered at any time via the radio telescope research presently under way…. the consequences of such a discovery are presently unpredictable because of our limited knowledge or behavior under even an approximation of such dramatic circumstances.

Woodward's MEGA Drive

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Image: Cal State Fullerton
According to a recent Wired Magazine article, inside the homemade vacuum chamber pictured above, lies what could potentially be the future of interstellar space exploration and humanity's latest hope to escape the boundaries of our solar system. MEGA, an acronym for Mach-effect Gravitational Assist, is the ingenious creation of Dr. Jim Woodward, an Emeritus Professor of History and Physics at Cal State Fullerton.

The MEGA drive, based on solid physics principles, utilizes an electric current and a stack of piezoelectric ceramic ( PZT) dielectric crystals in lieu of chemical propellants to change a body's momentum. Dr. Woodward, a maverick in the field of gravitational physics, and admirer of Ernst Mach, is trying to exploit the apparent relationship between gravity and inertia as per Mach's principle in order to derive useful work from his "gadget."...

Flat Earth Journey Foiled

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Flat Earth, a conspiracy theory that has grown in popularity over the past decade, is an archaic, pre-Socratic model of the Earth that proposes a flat-shape geometry for our planet. According to this model, the Earth is a disc of varying thickness surrounded by a huge wall of ice at its periphery. The ice, said to be around 150 feet tall, is there to prevent people from walking or climbing off the edge. Modern adepts of such model, despite having the benefits of readily available information at their fingertips, decry any proof provided by science that is contrary to their beliefs, citing that established science is part of a globally organized conspiracy to fabricate and disseminate evidence for a round Earth.

Flat-earthers, often belonging to an older demographic with plenty of time in their hands and an unbound curiosity backed by years of savings, will occasionally try to ascertain for themselves the veracity...

The O'Hare Airport UFO

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November 7, 2006, was shaping up to be just another day of 'business as usual' at Chicago's O'Hare, until its busy activity was stopped in its track by an uninvited cosmic visitor. At approximately 4:15 p.m, an unidentified object was observed hovering just below the thick overcast over Concourse C, a United Airline's area of operations. A ramp agent, who was in the process of pushing a United flight out of Gate C-17 and into the tarmac, was reportedly the first person to notice the round, silent craft eerily suspended up in the air.
I tend to be scientific by nature, and I don't understand why aliens would hover over a busy airport. But I know that what I saw and what a lot of other people saw stood out very clearly, and it definitely was not an [Earth] aircraft. -- United mechanic who observed the UFO above Gate C-17.

The UFO, vividly described by a dozen or so airport employees and several...

Mariah's Swift UFO

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When Mariah Lyn boarded a plane back in 20 August, little did she know her flight, departing from Philadelphia International Airport at around 11:00 AM that morning, would soon be intercepted by a UAP. Shortly after takeoff, Mariah decided to record the aerial scenery from her window's seat, when suddenly an unidentified object caught her attention as it streaked by.

Immediately focusing her phone's camera on the fast-moving UFO, Ms. Lyn managed to capture incredible footage of a silvery disc flying at a distance from the aircraft at high speed before disappearing from sight. She quickly uploaded the video to her YouTube account, where it is getting significant views and attention from UFO enthusiasts, who are analyzing the video for possible clues about the propulsion mechanism of the flying saucer.

Kiss Me, Baby!

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Image: Raff Nasir via Twitter

Malaysia, a land of eclectic traditions and enthralling beauty, is paradise on the Indo-Pacific for the discerning visitor. But lurking beneath the Azure of its waters - wonders await the intrepid.

On July 2, 2020, Raff Nasir posted two pictures of a strange fish caught in the waters of Malaysia that went viral. The bizarre sea creature, later identified as a Triggerfish, is often found dwelling in the coral reefs of shallow tropical and subtropical coastal habitats of the world.

Known for being ill-tempered and biting divers if they intrude on his territory, the human-shaped-mouth-and-rows-of pristine-white-teeth-that-would- make-some-people-envious fish, soon found itself at the center of unwanted human attention before...

McDonald's T-Rex Statue Under Attack

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Image: Google
Please help! This McDonald's has this dinosaur and refuses to remove it. Call the manager and demand the removal of this blasphemy!

Thus began Josh Brown's Facebook battle cry to remove a beloved Tucson, Arizona landmark. The agitator, a former member of a Facebook conspiracy theory group named Christians Against Dinosaurs (CAD), took to social media to rally support for the immediate removal of what the group considers to be "a scam perpetrated by scientists, possibly as part of some liberal plot against religion."

The vociferous member's rationale behind the campaign was to allegedly bring awareness to the public of a science conspiracy that seeks to undermine the true history of our planet. Dinosaurs displays, said Mr. Brown, are "furthering the myth that the Earth is much older than the Bible says. The dinosaur should go unless they’re willing to compromise with...

Area 51 Mystery Plane

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Image: Duncan Phenix
Las Vegas' journalist Duncan Phenix, is currently investigating reports of a mystery airplane conducting flights to and fro the Tonopah Test Range and Area 51. The plane, a 1950s Douglas DC-3 (call sign C-GOOU) registered to a Canadian company who denies owning the aircraft, was tracked for several days making unusual trips to military bases in the region before returning to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, where it is apparently housed.

At present, it's unknown which company the mystery plane belongs to or why it is being allowed to fly over highly restricted military installations, but intercepted communication between the plane and traffic control could indicate that it is conducting some sort of cartography mission (?):

Tower: “Do any mapping today OSCAR OSCAR UNIFORM?”
C-GOOU pilot: “(inaudible) some; looks like it was...