75 Years Since Roswell



Image: Charles H Forgus/Phillip Mantle

Today, people all over the world are celebrating UFO Day. The city of Roswell in New Mexico is abuzz with activity as people gather to commemorate the famous 'extraterrestrial' crash that put the small town in the global spotlight. Events and conferences are taking place all over the city and prominent figures in our community - such as Luis Elizondo, the former Director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) - have been spotted attending the festivities.

Not to be left behind in this potential lucrative business that UFOs have become, news media outlets are publishing stories revisiting the famous UFO incident with new revelations that are sure to earn them some much-needed clicks. Earlier today, the British publication The Sun posted an exclusive snipped of an upcoming, never-before-seen interview with a now-deceased witness to the Roswell crash.

Charles H Forgus, a retired former Deputy Sheriff of Howard County, Texas, found himself inadvertently in the middle of the Roswell crash retrieval operation as it was happening. In a 1999 interview with noted UFO researcher Phillip Mantle, the retired law enforcement officer described the surreal scene as he watched how "four dead alien bodies were lifted with a crane and hauled away." Mr. Forgus also described the alleged alien craft as "a big round thing" measuring about 100 feet in diameter. More at the link below.