Image: Falcon Signs & Designs/Facebook
Las Vegas is anything but shy when it comes to novelties and excess. A proposed UFO-themed burger joint and movie drive-in is taking shape just west of the Strip. Burger51, the brainchild of Jon Basso, a restaurateur and (in)famous owner of the Heart Attack Grill, is bringing an out-of-this-world experience to fast food dining. The new establishment, deriving its name from Nevada's most talked-about military installation, will cater to a crowd that can't get enough of everything UFO.

While on location, you will be able to order an assorted variety of retro burgers, fries, candies, popcorn, and tasty beverages as you enjoy a film shown on the parking lot screen. On top of all these amenities, customers will receive a complementary tin foil hat to keep those pesky government brain scans from ruining the whole experience. Do you happen to be visiting from Q'onoS? No problem.They got you covered, too. Orders can also be taken in Klingon!

Burger 51- 101 N. Decatur Boulevard. Las Vegas, Nevada. Open daily from 10 a.m. until 2 a.m