Cold War Radar to Search for UFOs



Image: William Sachiti via Reddit

William Sachiti, a British millionaire entrepreneur and expert in robotics, wants to look for UFOs. And what better way to do it than to use a powerful, decommissioned, Cold War-era radar station. The saga began back in 2015, when Royal Air Force base Neatishead went up for sale. For decades, the RAF installation served as an early-warning system should the Soviets decide to launch a surprise attack on Warsaw Pact nations.

Mr. Sachiti, who owns and operates 'Kar-go', a self-driving electric vehicle that delivers packages all over Britain, was in need of a facility where he could continue the development and testing of his technology. Packed with factories, roads, and underground bunkers, the decommissioned base was exactly was Sachiti needed to house his operation.

As a purchase bonus, the base came equipped with an AMES Type 84 radar unit. Designed to emit a powerful beam of ionizing microwaves up to a range of 250 miles, this relic of the Cold War could in principle be retasked with looking for unidentified flying objects.

One hurdle Mr. Sachiti will have to overcome before recommissioning the radar tower is the issue of microwave interference. During its heyday, the now-obsolete transmitter would render static all television signals near the station for up to 3 seconds as the radar beam made its sweep.

Sachiti, who is eager to see this piece of equipment restored to its glory days, took his project to the social media platform Reddit in order to enlist the public's help. Thus far, he's received a number of good ideas on how to make the station viable again. For more info, visit the link below.