First Warp Bubble Created



Image: Dr. Harold G. White, Limitless Space Institute

Limitless Space Institute (LSI) under the leadership of Dr. Harold "Sonny" White, has announced the successful creation of the world's first warp bubble. Warp bubbles, a highly theoretical physics model proposes the use of exotic matter to propel a man-made spaceship across space and time, a method that would enable humanity to truly explore the vastness of the cosmos in a relatively short amount of time.

Originally conceived by theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre during his PhD study at the University of Wales, Cardiff, a warp drive metric allows faster-than-light travel if a configurable energy-density field lower than the vacuum state is used. Given that negative matter is yet to be discovered, critics of the theory doubted that the whole enterprise of looking for ways to create a warp bubble would yield any meaningful results.

The recent announcement by Dr. White, however, seems to have contradicted scientific consensus, and now the physics community is scrambling to analyze and replicate the results of the toy model experiment to confirm whether a true spacetime bubble can be achieved in a laboratory setting. Continue reading below.

DARPA-funded-researchers accidentally create the worlds first warp bubble