How to Hunt UFOs



Rule number one: get yourself a gun? Nah. You just might cause an interstellar incident and accidentally bust a cap in your posterior. We are currently living in the 21st century, and a lot has changed technology-wise. Rather than jumping into a van and go look for UFOs, better ways of monitoring alien activity are being developed right now that will bring the hunt to your very own doorstep, roof, patio, ranch, hood shack, or beachfront property.

Enter SkyHub - A world-wide, public search for UAPs using a global network of machine-learning, smart cameras and sensor-arrays built by you with opensource software. The initiative, comprised of a brilliant team of academics and technology experts with former ties to various intelligence communities, is deploying monitoring stations using a unique program to scan the skies for unidentified aerial phenomena.

The UFO tracking platform, consisting of an NVIDIA Jetson Nano microcomputer, various sensors such as a GPS receiver, a Witmotion module, and an all-sky HD camera, can be sourced from Amazon and built based on the user's budget. The brains of the system, a sophisticated machine-learning algorithm, will analyze the light spectra and motion of any object of interest and determine whether the collected information is significant enough to be uploaded to SkyHub's cloud-based public database.

The ambitious open-source platform hopes to gather enough scientific data from tracking stations all over the world to create a comprehensive picture of UFO activities and capabilities that will shed some light about their possible origin and nature.

If you are interested in participating in the project, and have between $300 - $1000 to spare, the UFO sky is the limit. Learn more about how to become a modern UFO hunter by following the links below and watching Richard Dolan's interview with Dr. Bob McGwier, an active consultant and promoter of SkyHub.


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Well put simply if the truth did not hurt so much it would not keep offending you....Which I find odd cause I thought thats all you truthers looked for was truth....


Well put simply if the truth did not hurt so much it would not keep offending you....Which I find odd cause I thought thats all you truthers looked for was truth....
It has nothing to do with that. But a contriibution to every thread that is nothing more intelligent than mindless gain saying is pretty lame from a man who has previously bragged on how smart he is and how much he knows.
Truthers?? what the hell is a truther?
My belief is firmly in the middle. My mind is open but not so open my brain falls out, and my cup of knowledge is not so full that is has no room for new ideas. In short the older I get, the more I realize I don't know.

You have become an angry jaded old man, OK that's fine, that is your choice.
But why do you constantly have to purposely push that anger here at AB.

I don't know much about you in real life, you seem to have a long history on this subject.
So your constant Trolling must be intentional, your too intelligent to do it by accident.
So the question is why? What value does your trolling add here.

Surely you have something better to contribute than Monty Python style gain saying.


I am trying to join their forum now and sus out the hardware requirements, the link to join seems flaky though.
Once I get my head round what it involves hardware wise and potential $$$ I will let you all know.
Seems like a cool project.
Like a reverse SETI :)