Mystery Explosions Shake Sydney



Image: Pixabay

Australians are baffled by a wave of phantom explosions occurring in Sydney. Alarmed residents are contacting authorities to report the loud bangs rocking the capital city caused by no apparent perpetrator or event. Australian meteorological and astronomical services have looked into it and have found no evidence of unusual atmospheric conditions or detected sonic booms caused by meteors as they enter our planet.

Experts around the world are currently studying these transient acoustical phenomena that seem to have grown in intensity and frequency over the past decade. The strange noises, ranging from perplexing trumpet sounds, muffled drum beats and choir voices, to now loud detonations; are without a doubt a cause for concern, as there is no current preferred hypothesis for their occurrance. Follow the story below:

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I thought that too but then there have been weird sounds coming from who knows where all over the world for decades