Psychic Failure



Image: Chris Suchan via Facebok

The torrential rains down in Texas are causing major floods and also a major embarrassment to a clairvoyant business after their business truck was photographed almost fully submerged in the storm waters. The sensational footage of the vehicle was shared by San Antonio meteorologist Chris Suchan on his Facebook page as a warning to his social media followers with the caption: "Flooding rains in Houston. “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”.... even if you’re a psychic."

The incongruity of the event didn't escaped social media commentators, who immediately started teasing the owner of the truck for not foreseeing the monumental catastrophe about to befall their vehicle:

I guess they haven't mastered their psychic abilities
The clairvoyant didn't see it coming.


Haha, yeah not a good sign of credibility is it. Sort of like getting advice from a crook in jail...He was the one that got caught. You need to get advice from the crook who got away with it :)