Roswell Ranch Sold



Image: Creative Commons (CC)

The official transfer of ownership occurred on the 26th of November, 2019. Back in 1947, the large plot of land made its way into the history books for being the site of the famous Roswell UFO crash.

According to lore, in July of '47, a severe thunderstorm interfered with the navigation and propulsion system of a passing extraterrestrial craft, causing it to explode in mid-air, which scattered pieces of the ship over a wide area of the ranch. The following morning, William Brazel, a ranch hand in charge of the property, noticed a huge debri field of a rather strange, metal-like material similar to tinfoil. After contacting the local authorities, which immediately notified the Army Air Force, a recovery operation and alleged coverup began that would soon turn into one of the largest and most well-known conspiracies related to the UFO phenomenon to date.

The famous ranch, and the land it sits on, is now in the possession of the Dinwiddie Cattle Co. LLC. Last year, the company acquired more than 78 acres in and around the area for its cattle operation. The new owner, who is not terribly interested in the UFO background of the land, says he's just learning the details of the incident from the ranch's foreman:

“I just don’t know a whole lot about it,” Dinwiddie said. “The guy who is running the ranch over there for me knows quite a bit about it, and after we kind of get our feet on the ground running it, we will do some more talking about it and figuring out what we want to do.”

It is unknown if the present owner will allow UFO researchers access to the property. The previous family who owned the ranch, were rather accommodating to documentary makers who desired to film on their land.


I was watching an old doco on Roswell tonight. I didn't realize the alien bodies and the surviving ET were from the second crash site. For some reason I always thought them from the first.
Quite a few people saw the second crash site apparently, and testified to seeing bodies. A geology group with their proffesor arrived with others shortly after the crash. One witness testified that the professor tred to communicate in several languages with the survivor but obviously no luck. The second site seemed far more interesting than the main one everyone talks about.