SIGMA2 UFO Report is Out



Image: SIGMA2

France's SIGMA2 Technical Commission just released the English version of its 2021 report on UFOs, and it is a must-read. For several decades, the SIGMA collaboration has conducted a thorough scientific investigation of UAP cases across the globe using the tools of science to shed light on some of these anomalous events.

With an ample inventory of historical and recent UAP cases to choose from, the group is applying rigorous scientific methods in the field and laboratory to coax any data that may help establish a connection or distinction between unidentified objects and natural phenomena. As per their mission statement, SIGMA2 brings together a wide range of expertise in the fields of engineering from the private and government sector, as well as Air Defense specialists, radar, electromagnetism, retired specialists from the DGA, CNES, astronauts, retired officers, pilots, data analysts, astrophysicists, and medical doctors.

Included in the comprehensive report are some of the most notable cases in ufology, now fully revised and illustrated. The generous use of data charts and graphs accompanying this extraordinary study make this report one of the most important documents in the arsenal of every serious UFO enthusiast in the world. Grab your copy of the report below.