Sinai UFOs Baffle U.S. Troops



Image: US Army

As the UFO stigma slowly dissolves, military personnel from various branches of the U.S. military are coming forward with intriguing accounts of encounters with unidentified phenomena. Yesterday, the British news outlet The Daily Mail broke a story about a 2014 incident involving members of the 3rd Cavalry stationed at Observation Post 3-1, a Multinational Force and Observers mission (MFO) deployed to the Sinai Peninsula.

According to the three main witnesses, several UFOs illuminated the dark desert sky near the Israel-Egypt border as they kept watch on a cold December night. The baffling display of lights associated with the unidentified objects instilled so much fear in the hearts of the otherwise brave cavalry scouts, that one of them reportedly felt "scared shitless" when confronted with the dazzling craft.

Unsure as to what to make of the peculiar event, the three cavalrymen immediately reported the incident up the chain of command, only to be told to keep their mouths shut by superior officers. Although part of the mission was to observe and report any activity happening inside the monitored region, the event caused major trouble in the military careers of the men involved, who reportedly experienced a prolonged period of punitive actions dished out by their commanding officers for simply being innocent bystanders to a possible extraterrestrial sighting. More details in the link below.