Once upon a time there was a very old king who had a long, grey beard & moustache. He was called Harry. This king lived in a palace of pure crystal that sparkled & flashed in the sunlight like a great, big block of pure ice. The palace stood in a great, big garden & in this garden where all his people lived because he was such a nice king, there grew oranges, pears & wild cherry trees & tulips, roses & lilies-of-the-valley blossomed there & bright-coloured birds sang. All the birds in his Kingdom were bright-coloured & Pegasus lived there & there were unicorns & ponies, horses & donkeys in Horseland because he used to have a lovely wife called Angela who used to love horses but was turned into a fairy by an old witch who she defeated but could never regain her human appearance & all the other animals had turned into the ones Angela loved most. Pegasus is a winged horse. On nice, bright, sunny days Jack used to ride Pegasus over his palace & garden to admire the lovely view & visit a land a few miles away from him called Beachland where there were lots of lovely sandy beaches & he could paddle in the nice, cool, relaxing water which was that clean you could see the fish swim over your feet or lay on the nice, clean sand which was as white as snow & listen to the birds singing & go to sleep until it got too cold. In the palace gardens were lots of large fountains which sprayed right up to the top of the highest trees you can imagine & 1 of these fountains was a water fountain. There was also an orange juice & apple juice fountain as well as a cola & lemonade fountain. To cap it all, there was a milk fountain & a chocolate fountain. These fountains produced the nicest tasting drinks ever that just quenched your thirst then made you want more.

Harry had only 1 son who was heir to the Kingdom, a little boy aged 7. His name was Mark. He was a good boy & always went to bed early & got up early, he never did anything wrong. Mark had blonde hair & he could play any instrument you can name & he danced & acted well but couldn't sing very well. Every time Mark sung the ice shattered & the birds flew away except the peacock. He was very artistic & very clever indeed.

When Mark got to the age of 16, he went to the neighbouring country which was very similar to the 1 his father ruled but was full of all different kinds of dogs because he used to have a wife who was the wicked witch that Angela had defeated called Eve. Eve's land was under a spell that changed all the other animals into nice dogs until her daughter found a handsome prince to marry. If anyone was ever cruel to the dogs they got turned into dogs themselves. It was called Dogland. Dogland was ruled by a King very much like his father but he only had 1 daughter. This King was called Don. His daughter was called Dawn. Dawn was the same age as Mark but she had dark hair which was very curly. She made mistakes sometimes though & although she was very clever & could sing & act couldn't dance or play any musical instruments. The mistakes she made were due to her not being very good with her hands. She broke cups, saucers & plates every time she washed up. Every time she sung though everything she broke repaired itself. Now as soon as he 1st saw her he fell in love with her & she felt the same way. They both spoke to their parents who agreed to pay for their wedding.

He got married in a kilt suit & had pipers playing at the wedding. She wore a gold dress to the wedding. Her ring was encrusted with every single gem you could mention. They had a gold horse-drawn carriage to take them to the church where they married. The page boys wore formal suits & the brides-maids wore Amethyst coloured silk dresses. Everyone had the biggest party you could imagine afterwards & were so happy & both Kings built a new palace in between the Kingdoms. This palace was solid gold. They assembled a band which made the most beautiful music you could dream of. The band was very successful & made lots of money. They had beautiful children & lived happily ever after.

The end.


t was the year 2525. People's phones were sewn into their clothing. Cancer had almost been cured by a telomerase monitoring system where people monitored their telomerase with a blood testing kit & metre like the ones diabetics use to measure blood glucose levels. If there was too much telomerase in their system they used anti-telomerase injections but if there was too little telomerase in their system they gave themselves a telomerase injection to prevent cardio-vascular diseases. (Telomerase is an enzyme that lengthens telomeres which are the end finger-like structures shown on diagrams of D.N.A. which keep genetic information in cells so it doesn't leak out. Geneticists have found out that the longest living people have the right size telomeres. If telomeres are too short cardio-vascular disease is more likely though obviously life-style factors in. If there is too much telomerase this can cause cancerous cells to grow. Anti-telomerase injections are sometimes used to shrink cancerous cells.) Trains had machines near the door that took payments or scanned tickets but wouldn't let people on had been created. Steam & water-proof spectacles had been invented. It had been thought for a long time that time-travel was impossible because the space-time continuum meant that people could meet their past or future self. Non-carcinogenic x-rays were discovered. However, a quantum leap was made that proved this wrong & sent all relativity theories which had been believed for a long time into the wheeled bin.

Someone created a time-machine & went back to the beginning of time & stopped wars from ever occurring so everyone got on with each other & shared everything & money wasn't necessary because it's just a means of exchange at the end of the day.

Then they went to Jenner's time & brought him into prehistory so he discovered vaccination sooner. Then they went to Avicenna's time & brought him into Galen's time so the true theory of circulation was discovered sooner as was knowledge of how our eyes worked & many other medical theories that Avicenna came up with & found to be true. This also meant that blood groups were discovered sooner so that heart transplants could be done much sooner than they were especially as they ensured anaesthetics were discovered sooner & they brought Joseph Lister back in time so anti-septic surgery was discovered sooner. Louis Pasteur was brought to prehistoric times so pasteurisation was done since time began. They went back in time to when Rontgen discovered x-rays & ensured that he discovered non-carcinogenic x-rays rather than normal ones. They also went back in time & stopped coal & tin-mining from occurring & asbestos from ever being used as insulation.

Then they went back in time to prevent Takhis, Tarpans, passenger pigeons & dodos from ever going extinct & stopped hunting from ever happening.

Then they went back to the future. They had done so much that improved the world but they realised that they hadn't undone all the terrible things that man had done to the planet. The world had been getting increasingly hotter for ages. The North & South poles had been melting for ages & the world was under a huge deluge. All plants except water plants died & the same went for animals.
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Day -3


The Asteroid is going to hit probably on a small island off the coast of the Costa Rica; he said it will be like 1000 atom bombs. You were frightened, so was I. You said to me. I don't want to die alone. Neither do I, I answer.

I have always been alone, even through 28 years of marriage I was alone. It sounds like a really nice way to end everything…to not be alone I mean....

I sold everything i had; I bought a plane ticket one way to the US. We say goodbye to our friends in cyberspace and we both post a picture of us sitting on some stairs, grinning like mad, but only we know why. But through all the laughter and smiles it is a sad time; these folks have been our family for so long. Our friends are frightened, everyone is frightened.

I have never been to the US, it is crazy, and customs doesn’t seem to give a shit anymore. People just coming and going. I don’t know why the planes are still even flying. It is chaos here. You said when I get off the plane, just keep following the signs to the exit and you will be waiting near the fountain. My heart is jumping out of my chest; so long I have wanted this, but…now I am terrified.

I walk and walk; I have no idea where the hell I am. So I just follow the crowd. Finally outside the airport, but I have no idea where you are. I walk for a while. On old man is preaching some shit from the bible. He has a sign. “The End is nigh”. I can’t help but laugh. How many times have I seen this? Finally the doomsayers got it right. It is weird thought. As I walk past, out of all the people there he looks up from his bible and looks me in straight in the eyes. His gaze follows me. It spooks the hell out of me so I look away. Walking past a newspaper stand the papers headlines read. End of times. Only days left. The streets are chaos. There are very few police, people are smashing into shops and stealing stuff, it is horrible.

An old lady with one of those old wooden prams walks past. Excuse me I say. There is a fountain here somewhere, can you tell me where? She points and yells “It won’t do you any good!!” As she walks away I notice she has a dead poodle in the old pram. The blanket it lays on is stained with its body fluids. How sad I think, she will die alone, but then she has probably been alone for a long time. I know what that feel like. As I walked where she pointed I hear her yell again, “It won’t do you any good”

There are less people here in this street, I am not sure where I am. Walking past some bollards near a big building, I finally see the top of a fountain. Suddenly I can’t move. I think what if she doesn’t like me? I mean, we have only ever talked online. OK here goes I think. Walking through the small crowd, eyes searching…

Suddenly, between the people I see…A goddess. Even had I never seen an image of you, I would have recognized you. You stand out like the only color in a black and white image. I can feel your presence, even here where you have not yet seen me. I am too scared to say hello. What the fuck is a fossil like me doing thinking a goddess like this could be waiting for me. My confidence falters and I almost turn to go back to the plane.
But, as if by the grace of god, you turn your head and through all the people look me in the eye and smile. I am done for now!
I have always suspected that even from afar you have my soul. But now… our eyes meet, I know I am your captive. I walk over and sit beside you. You are radiant, I have no words. I think, how the hell did you know it was me?
You grin impishly at me. I grab your hand, and kiss the back of it.
Milady, I am here for you. You throw your head back and laugh at me. Oh Dundee you idiot, give me a kiss. Your moist lips meet mine.
At that instant I know without any doubt in the universe. I would give my life for you without hesitation.

I can’t remember much of the next day or two.
All I can remember really is the touch of your hand, the warmth of your body, the smell of your hair, and…
Your scent. My god….
But the headiness of discovery must eventually give way to the practicalities before us.
If we are to spend our last days on earth together, we have to see our plan through.
We have to find a way out to that island that is the impact point for asteroid Florence.
We have to find a boat that will take us there,

The captain tells us we leave at dawn when the tide goes out. It is late now.
We realize that we have not thought this through really. We have booked a ride to the island, but we have nothing to live on. The city is in a state of chaos. No police, no emergency services. Just every man for himself. I say, well what the fuck baby, let’s just go take what we want, it is not like its going to matter soon anyway, where we are going we need it more than the others right?

We walk to a big shopping center. Oddly this place seems untouched. It is down by the wharf in China town. Maybe the locals have forgotten it. The glass doors are locked. “We are going to have to smash it I say” Hey? Did you say let’s get smashed?
Um mm no I said we have to smash the doors to get in,

Come here baby you say, it is time to chill!

You grab my hand…
God I am yours again, that touch…

Sitting on a small park bench you reach into your pocket and pull out a huge joint.
I think we need some chill time baby. You light the joint and have a few tokes, then pass it to me. My turn now. Time passes; I don’t know how much, I think you took out another two joints from your pockets.

I take in a huge drag and say…Donkey root? You look at me and say, “What the fuck is a donkey root” I giggle and take another huge drag but very quickly as if to be just a holder of the happy smoke, I gently grab your chin and open your mouth and blow the smoke to you. You breathe it in. Inhibitions gone now, as the smoke dies, I follow it through with a kiss. I have never felt anything like thisbefore, I did not know that a person could feel like this.

You are…a goddess.

After a while, I don’t know how long, we smash through the glass with a shopping trolley. We fill two trolleys with food, sweets, our choice in alcohol…all the things we need on a deserted island. Eventually the night gives way to the morning light. The effects of the joints have worn off, we are both tired. Not talking much we finally decide to stop. Where we going to sleep I ask. You say, I don’t care. I just need sleep. Looking around I see we are near a florist...

Here we go I say, as good a place as any. I lift my foot to kick in the front door.
You reach over and grab the handle. It is not locked. Stupid Aussie barbarian, you accuse.
I beat my chest like Tarzan and do a terrible impersonation of his call.
You roll your eyes and shake your head and start exploring the shop.

The smell of flowers is overpowering. "Jasmine, Lavender..."
It is pretty small and there is a little room out the back with a single stretcher against the wall. Well it is better than nothing you say, we can share. I laugh, no you have it. I am Crocodile Dundee remember, I am Tough, I will sleep on floor like Tarzan.
Idiot you say with a sarcastic grin, but I can tell you are not happy with me on the floor.
I walk to the shop front and pull the blinds to block the mornings light.
This is cool I say, I get to test out the sleeping bag we stole from the shops.
You don’t answer.
I am lying on the floor next to your stretcher, and in the silence the reality of our situation comes to mind. Fucking hell I think. The world is days from ending.
Suddenly I just want to be near you.
I reach up from my sleeping bag, and slide my hand under your blankets, looking for your hand to hold. You grab my hand. Your skin is so soft and warm.
Holding your hand I try to sleep.
After a few mins you ask.
“Baby, you still awake?”
“Yes” I answer.
You pause…”Why are you doing this” you ask.
You don’t know yet I say.
“Well, I don’t know just answer the question” you say.
“Because I love you”,
You don’t answer, but you squeeze my hand a little tighter.
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The boat pulls into the beach, the captain says why you want to go here laddie, there is no one here ever. I look at you and we both laugh, we are going to build a house and live together forever. We laugh again; The captain shakes his head in confusion. Aright laddie, whatever you say, get your shite and be gone. The tide is turning.

The next hours are a blur. We set up the tent we…borrowed. Set up the kitchen, gathered wood for the fire. Well it is not really a fire, it is more a bonfire, a flaming beacon that can be seen from space. Eventually after a little food cooked on a pile of coals I grabbed with our shovel, you say, “I am going for a dip baby, you coming”
OK, I answer.
Immediately you take off your clothes, you turn to me with a challenging look…
“Well” you say…
I am lost for thought; I stare in awe at your naked body, like some stupid little kid
I think to myself... She is so so beautiful... just perfect,

I stutter a few incoherent words in an attempt to make my brain work.
“Men” you laugh, they all think through their dicks.

U mm, OK let swim.
You run for the water, “catch me if you can you yell”
I watch your running and dancing, a mixture of Dryad and...Valkyrie...
Intoxicating but terrifying.
Slowly I follow you into the moonlit waves.
The cool water plashes over our naked bodies,
We hold each other close, in the moonlight, under a starry sky.
Feeling your body in close embrace, I look back to the beach to our fire, our little tent house and out little this heaven I ask the sky?

After a long time I head back to the fire to dry off and get warm. You say, I will be there in a bit baby, just want to soak for a while.
I hop into our bed and wait…
After about a half hour you come back to the fire.
Without even drying your naked body you jump under the blankets with me…
You say no words...
The last thing I remember before sleep is your naked body pressing against me, still wet, and trying to get warm. You press against me, trying to make every inch of body contact mine. When I kiss you I taste the salt water on your Skin


Day -2

I wake...
Your scent is…exciting. I know the sweet smell of your body now, it is day -2. Two days left until, well, until we are together forever. The last thing I remember before sleep is your naked body pressing against me, still wet, and trying to get warm. You pressing against me, trying to make every inch of body contact mine, searching for warmth. I remember a kiss, salt water on your skin.

I can feel you shiver, the morning is so cold, I hold you close, drawing the blanket around us. I wrap my arms around you, holding you close to my chest, trying to keep you warm. A contented little wiggle, mm that’s nice baby, I love you. I want to say it back, but it does not seem... enough. All I can think of is, we are one my love, I would die for you. You purr like a kitten, and give my nipple a playful nip. Then a wiggle, then...Your breathing tells me you’re asleep. Eyes closed I am aware of your every fiber, your breath, your body, your love. I don't really believe in God, not like others. But, this cannot be...just a chance mix of primordial atoms. This must mean something. This is...heaven?? Now I have you, it makes me question my resolve.

I think back to sunset. You wanted to build a massive fire that can be seen from space. You said, if that stupid rock is going to hit us, it needs a light to aim for.
Looking up at the glowing light you yelled, fuck you Florence.
What a stupid name for an asteroid anyway. If it is a planet killer it should have a crazy name like, Deimos or Death bringer. Bloody Florence, you laugh.
I don't know, an asteroid heading our little island, at 130,000km per hour. I think Florence is a nice name.

Smiling you yell something at me in Italian...
"English please Sofia" It has been three days, all you have taught me so far in Italian is
"Hello Sexy Girl",
"How would you like me too Fuck you" and
"Aussies are Dick heads"

What did you say?
You laugh, never mind Crocodile Dundee...
Arghh I give up on you crazy Italian Bimbo I say.
Hey Bitch you yell.
You take a run at me and we hit the sand. I fight back… but not too hard.

Hissing madly you play Vampire and attack my neck pretending to bite me...
Suddenly the mood turns, all I am aware of if your beautiful body pinning me down.
I can smell you, your musky scent, I start to lose concentration.
All I am aware of is your lips on my neck, no longer biting, but now sucking.
And... Your warmth.... share..... across my stomach.
Gently running my fingers through your hair I pull your head up and gaze into those gorgeous eyes.
I love you...I know you do silly, you say, biting my nose.
Gently I run my fingers down your spine, just touching. You shudder and arch back.
Your breasts spring free of my chest. God I am in heaven, I want to kiss you but, I don't feel worthy, how can a mortal like I make love to Qetesh, how can I touch the skin of Aphrodite.
You look at me with a frown, "whats wrong you ask"
"I don't just that,well", I look away, tears welling in my eyes.
Gently you put your hands on my face and turn my head back towards you.
"Tell me", you ask.
I look away again, you grab my face and say louder this time..."Tell me?"
I look up at you, your eyes and think, you are...a goddess.
"Tell me"
Suddenly I am frightened, well you remember back in the florist shop at home, and you asked,me, "Why are you here?"
"Yes" you reply frowning?
Well, it's just that...
You are......well, you are....
and I am just a stupid ugly old idiot not worthy of you.
"Your eyes flash in anger and you slap my face"
I am lost in confusion, I don't know what just happened.
Looking into my eyes you see I don't understand.
Don't say stuff like that you demand.
"I am here because" pause... you are mine and....
"I love you"
In disbelief I stare at your face, I am lost now, all caution is gone.
My out of control emotions over power my doubt that I am dreaming.
Reaching up I gently stroke your hair, pulling your face to mine we kiss.
Your body falls back on mine, we kiss, our bodies mesh in a frenzy of sweat, and lust, and sensation. Sliding back you force me inside you.
Fuck Fuck Fuck you yell.
The rest is....scent, warmth dampness, love, lust.
Tonight heaven is real...
Looking up in the night .
Wrapped in a blanket, the fire just a bed of red coals.
Do you think it can see us you ask?
I don’t know....maybe, it looks pretty angry.
Have we done the right thing, you ask turning from the orb in the sky to look at me.
I think for a second.
Baby, we both believe in rebirth right...
"Yes" you answer”
Well, we love each other right?
"Yes" you answer again.
So...whats the problem?

You ask, but the earth is going to be toast.

Shit I dunno baby cakes, you’re the crazy Italian scientist. I am just a dumb ass Aussie. I don’t have an answer.
Yeah but did we do the right thing by coming here?
Baby, all I know, is I will love you until the universe is no more.
The end of the word is nothing, you hear nothing. So long as I am with you.
I know that whatever is next, whatever comes after....well just after.
I know you will be with me.

Other than that, I have no answers; I just know you and I will be together forever.
You smile. That’s....good enough baby, so long as I am here with you.
I’m not going anywhere my love, I answer.

Sitting up you give me that look, those eyes. God I love you.
You give me a moist kiss on the lips, you lie back on my chest, and quickly fall asleep.
I think to myself, how an ugly old Aussie ended up here on an island with an Italian goddess, waiting for the end of days...

I think back…
Three months ago Trump announced the planet killer was coming.
He told the world an asteroid 15km across was going to hit earth at 130,000km per hour.
Science tells us probably nothing will survive.
Over a few days, weeks many details are talked about with no good outcome.
They all end the same way. No more people on earth, 100 year winter, everything dies.
Nothing survives; probably not even the cockroaches escape this one.
As the final days draw near, we have an impact point.
A very small, uninhabbited Island off the coast of Costa rica. -1


Day -1

I am woken by the sound of the waves. I notice my face is wet, looking about the sky is quite dark, but I can tell it is not really night. The wind is strong, the waves are smashing onto the rocks, and everything is wet. You have wiggled under the blankets and are sleeping still, your head against my chest, safe, dry and warm still. Shielded from the storm by the sleeping bag and my body.
I put my head in the sleeping bad ready to wake you. You are so beautiful, so peaceful. It seems a shame. But something is a miss so I have to wake you.
I kiss you on the cheek, “Hey baby cakes, wake up sleepy head”
You give a wiggle and snuggle in closer to me. Oh come on I think, that’s not fair, I am only human, how can I resist that. I selfishly enjoy your sweetness and sensual body for a while.
Hey baby cakes, wake up.
I expect a reprimand, but you open your eyes and look at me.
A smile comes across your face. Good morning my sexy Aussie Tarzan, you say. I laugh and slowly go to give you good morning kiss. But you grab my face first and give me the most sensual, wet, delicious kiss. "Wow" I say, what did I do to deserve that?
You give me the cutest impish smile but say nothing.
I stare into your eyes but become distracted with the mornings tidings.
You sigh. Ok baby, why did you wake me from my beauty sleep.
You don’t need beauty sleep Sofia, you have all there is already.
You smile impishly, suck up all you want, but your not getting a bonk this early.
I sigh in mock innocence, "I don't know what you mean" I say in my best disdainful tone. Oh OK then, not interested hey?... you start t slide your hands down my stomach. Whoa baby cakes, I was just kidding. I grab your hand and kiss it. Later honey buns, But for now I think we have a problem.
Oh…OK whats up.
I pull the sleeping bag down a bit and draw your attention to the outside.
Oh..hell, I see what you mean, this is not good.

OK hon, you’re the scientist, I am the caveman. So whats with the doom and gloom weather. You answer, well I am not sure yet. But I have an idea or two, and none are good.

We get up out of the sleeping bad and are immediately hit by how cold it is. There is a frost on the plants and grass on the foreshore behind us. I remember my watch and look at it. Fuck, this can’t be right. You look at me. “My watch says it is 10 past 1 in the afternoon. Since when do frosts last that long. And while we are at it, since when do we get a frost on a tropical island. Your the scientist, whats hapening?

Hang on, let me have a look. You go to your bag and pull out your sat phone and laptop. I look excited, awesome I say, lets play some online games. You give me a withering look. And continue.
After a bit you say, well the news is bad, I just logged into the university server. It seems comet Florence is already causing havoc. We cant see it here because of the cloud cover, but she has taken a trajectory between earth and the sun, and is blocking light and heat. Temperature has dropped rapidly across the planet, Anything north of Canada and south of Argentina is now frozen, over. People did not even get a chance to evacuate it happened so fast. The death toll is now in the 100s of millions. So we are on borrowed time here on our little island near Panama. I would say we have less than a day before it gets too cold to live, and not much longer till impact.
You close your laptop,
Hmm OK, well that sucks.

Soooo, what do we do.
Nothing to do, except wait till the end.
I think for a bit. Finally I say, no, I don’t except that.

Com-on baby-cakes, grab our stuff, lets move,
Where to you ask.
I dunno, but its too bloody cold here, so anywhere but here.
Grabbing our stuff we walk inland leaving the beach behind. I take one last look. I really did want to spend my last minutes with you on the beach. You keep walking, but I see a tear in your eye.

We follow a trail for a couple of hours. It is bitterly cold, so we open our sleeping bag and huddle close as we walk with them wrapped tightly around us. It is slow, but a little warmer. All round us the animals are going crazy. They are fighting, screeching, they can tell something is not right.

The light slowly begins to fade and it is getting very cold.

A little way ahead we see an open space and to great surprise we see a small shack and a fire on the other side of the clearing. A man is standing near the fire, looking out. Well I say, "lt looks like we have a warm night at least", I shout, “Hey mate, hows it going” but before I can say anything else, I hear a gunshot and a bullet hits the ground in front of me. Jesus you yell, we both run cack into the trees behind us.
"Hey man peace I yell, we just want to share your fire", it is freezing out here.
Three more gunshots come our way into the trees nearby. Piss off the bloke yells, come any closer and Ill kill you.

We retreat back into the trees 100 meters or so. So what do we do now I ask mostly to myself. I look at you and you are shivering, your skin is cold and you find it hard to speak.
The adrenaline has worn off and you are not well. You don’t seem to understand what I am saying. You say, I am really tired Ray, I just need to sleep. This scares me, you never call me Ray. I don’t know much about medical stuff, but I seem toremember it is not good to sleep when your cold. I grab the sleeping bag and wrap it around us. Holding you close, trying to get some warmth into your freezing body.

But it is no good, I am getting cold too, and I can feel the tiredness coming on to me as well. I realize, if we don’t get warm, we wont see the day out. I wrap you in both sleeping bags, and grab as much of the big bushes I can to cove you over to try and keep the frost off you. I say, I will be right back my love, but you don’t seem to hear me.

I am so frightened for you, for us. So walking quietly back to the clearing I look at our gun toting friend.

He is looking this way, to where he last saw us, but night has closed in now and I know he cant see me. I yell out, hey mate, can we talk, I just need…
Bang bang, more gunshots. Fuck off or ill shoot you he yells.

I think for a bit and realize my only choice is to over power him. I don’t rally want to hurt him but its him or us. Slowly I edge around the clearing, until I am finally slightly behind him, but have closed the distance to about 20 meters. But is is open space so I think. How can I get to him. I decide I will try to distract him. Grabbing a nearby big rock, I think to myself, dick head, this shit only works in the movies. But I realize I have nothing better in the way of a plan. So I stand ready and wait until he is not really looking out. With all my strength I throw the rock over his head and into the trees on the opposite side from me. Immediately he looks that way and starts firing his gun. As soon as he does, I run at him as fast as I can and he hears me coming and begins to turn. Throwing myself at him full force I hit him hard and he fires at me. There is a burning pain in my hip as I go down, Jesus I think. The bastard shot me. Ready to fight, I look at him and go to grab him. He is just lying there open eyed, his mouth opening and closing silently. He has dropped he gun, holding my side I feel the warmth of blood between my fingers. Shit. I look back at the bloke, then I see what happened, he had set spiked traps up around his camp, when I tackled him, he fell on one that went straight into the back of his neck.His eyes stare into the sky. Lifeless.

Jesus I think I did not want to hurt him. Not knowing what to do next, I remember you. Shit, Sofia!! Cant let her see this. I grab the bloke and drag him as far as I can into the trees. Looking at him I feel really bad, I didn't mean to hurt him, I just wanted to get Sofia close to the fire. My head starts to spin, I have lost a lot of blood and am running out of strength. I hurry across the clearing to where I left you. Calling your name, but you don’t answer. In a panic I search for you until I see you covered in palm leaves where I left you. Christ. I pick you up and carry you over to the fire. Dizzy now, I can barley stay awake. I put you close to the fire on the blokes makes shift stretcher. Covering you with his blankets I put my hands on your cheek. You have a little color, and a little warmth.

Suddenly I am feeling very faint. I lower myself down to the ground between your stretcher and the fire, I just need some sleep. I feel the fire warming the bloody shirt from my wounded hip. The last thing I remember was sliding my hand under the blanket, and grabbing your hand. Then…darkness.