The Orb in Bigelow's Vault



Image: Bigelow Aerospace

Back in 2019, Bigelow Aerospace's Twitter account posted a rather cryptic tweet with a caption that read: "Our small contribution." The odd entry also included footage of what appeared to be a surveillance video clip taken inside the aerospace facility. Within minutes of the release, UFO enthusiasts across various social media platforms generated a deluge of speculations surrounding the content of the video.

In the intriguing piece of footage, an unidentified round object is seen moving inside what later was confirmed to be a CCTV-monitored compartment inside a vault. As the video percolated online, both skeptics and believers fought over the anomaly and what it could represent, with people offering explanations that ranged from the prosaic, like dust motes and camera artifacts, to the downright bizarre, like poltergeist activity and interdimensionals.

It was not until Danny Silva of the Silva Record reached out to Bigelow Aerospace for a comment that a clearer picture began to emerge as to the meaning of the puzzling tweet. In a written response to his query, a Bigelow spokesperson clarified that the video depicted "an orb recorded in a highly secure Bigelow Aerospace facility in Las Vegas," and that it had "caused quite a bit of speculation when the image was captured. Absolutely nothing could get in or out of that particular structure but yet, something did."

Notwithstanding the remarkable footage and the interesting hypotheses the alleged orb engendered, many people failed to notice the elephant in Bigelow's vault. While they were busy discussing the fuzzy blob in the foreground, the real object of interest laid inconspicuously in the background. As we focus our attention away from the orb, we are afforded a frontview into the content of the vault itself and the mysterious piece of artifact it is holding. What is it? Why is the "orb" so interested in it? Is this the purported alien crash material given to Bigelow by the Pentagon to study and store as part of his AAWSAP contract? Bigelow is not saying.