The Podesta-Fish Emails



Image: LANL/Bob Fish/Commons

Journalist David Bates just posted an interesting piece related to a rather obscure person (to ufology) by the name of Bob Fish and his relationship to the whole UFO intrigue. In the article, Bates revisits the 2016 dump of classified Podesta emails exposed by WikiLeaks, an international non-profit organization that publishes sensitive material from anonymous sources.

John Podesta, who served under Clinton as Chief-of-Staff and later as Counselor to the Obama administration, is known to be an avid advocate for the disclosure of UFO truth. During his tenure as Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, Podesta corresponded with one Bob Fish, a retired US. Marine and private contractor to several highly classified Department of Defense intelligence programs.

Over the course of their electronic exchange, Mr. Fish briefed Podesta about his knowledge of special access programs and personnel directly involved in the monitoring and acquisition of UFO-related data. In one of the emails, Fish makes shocking revelations about the systems the US Government is using to collect UFO information. If the sources are correct, the VELA-10 satellite group and other DOD surveillance outfits have been largely instrumental in gathering a huge amount of UFO imagery and other data over many decades.

While I was never fully briefed into the DSP operation directly, I was introduced to them as the US prepared for Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. On occasion, I had lunch with a few of them in the cafeteria of a highly classified organization in El Segundo, CA. No one could get into the cafeteria without TS/SCI clearances, so this was not “lightweight group of gossipers.”

One of these times, a member of that group was really excited — said they’d just picked up a Fastwalker (I assumed that same day). He described how it entered our atmosphere from “deep space” (origin actually unknown, of course, but from the backside of the satellite) and zipped by the DSP satellite pretty closely on its way to earth. Not only was it going very fast but it made a 30 degree course correction (turn) which means it did not have a ballistic (free fall) reentry trajectory that a meteorite might have. So, it was under some sort of control — although whether it was “manned” or just “robotic” there’s no way to tell.”

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