U.K. Teen Captures UFO Above Her House



Image: Rosie Bowman
Rosie Bowman, a North Ayrshire, Scotland teen out for an evening stroll through her neighborhood, couldn't help to notice the strange light formation up in the sky. The unidentified object, described by Rosie as a curved, cylinder-shaped craft, was spotted hovering above her residence. The teen, quick with her phone, snapped a picture of the mysterious UFO before it departed.

Rosie's mom, a beautician who owns a hair spa in town, has shown the photo to her local customers who are amazed at the sighting and wonder if it is indeed a craft from another world. After pondering whether it could have been a weird weather phenomenon such as lightning sprites or even one of Elon Musk's Starlink satellites, the Bowman's have decided to let the unidentified ship remain ... unidentified.