UFO Near area 51 caught with Drone



This one looks interesting. Fast forward to about 1:45 and you see it flick through.
Very High res image. File has a download link to original RAW footage.
I have the RAW file if the link disappears.

Also @LETA I have chopped out the short sequence and put it into Slo Mo.
Tried to upload it to an album but t said unknown format?
Tried AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, WMV ????

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Since I cant yet upload the slow motion video I will do some screenshots frame by frame.

There were a lot of frames with double images on them like the last couple of shots
This was taken from my slow motion version not the original so I am unsure the double
image is a remnant of me rendering the video as slow motion or not. I am not a video guru by any means.
I will go back and check the original full speed and see if it is the same there.


Yep as I suspected, sorry about that. Must be something introduced by the rendering.
Here is a similar sequence but this time from the original raw video.
Much clearer.

I guess the best we can do is to watch this space?
It is the clearest footage I have ever seen. In all likelihood it will turn out to be fake, particularly in light
of the apparent RAW footage that is missing Metadata. That makes me suspicious.
Seems too good to be true. Lets wait and see?
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