A new way (for me) to cook Eggs



Hello Folks,
My Niece has shown me a simple, but for me, different way to make what is half way between an omelet and scrambled eggs.
It goes like this.

  • Break three eggs into a microwave safe mixing bowl,
  • Add roughly two tablespoons of Full Cream (not Whipped),
  • Add a handful of your favorite shredded cheese (I like Mozzarella in this one),
  • Add a sprinkle of your favorite spice(s), I like Basil and Parsley,
  • I add minced Garlic,
  • Add ground Black Pepper to taste,

  1. Whip the mix profusely until it is a consistent look and feel to it.
  2. Put it in the Microwave and hit start, set it for a few mins, it does not matter, the eggs wont see it to the end.
  3. Keep looking in and checking (don't let it over cook whatever you do!!!)
  4. When you see primarily liquid mix but a sold mass forming, usually around the outside of the dish, open the door.
  5. Using a fork, gently lift out the bits of cooked egg, it will break up as you lift it.
  6. You will know you have caught it at the right time if you lift it up, egg mix and cream will need to drain for a few seconds.
  7. Put the dish back in the Microwave for another 20 seconds and pull it out and remove the cooked egg blobs.
  8. Repeat until mix is finished.
  9. Add a pinch of Himalayan Sea salt if you have it, and more pepper.
  10. Enjoy.

If you did it right it is a creamy mix and really nice.
Let me know if you tried it and liked it.
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My ex wife (of 3 years) and I previously helped privatly a family in Bali, Mr and Mrs and two lovely girls. We have prior to separation helped them out for over 10 years now. We sort of accidentally built them a house, but thats another story:). So i have been to Bali about 7 times I think.
One of the breakfasts we had is what I call Bali Eggs.

Here is how it goes., pretty easy but yummy (Not Vegetarian Friendly!!!)


Chop up some Bacon and or Ham into small bits and throw them into a pan/wok.
Once they look cooked and edible out of the pan,
Throw in a couple of eggs and a handfull of your faveoirite cheese.
Mix it all up madly with your flipper and once mixed let it sit for a bit.
When you reckon it is ready, flip it as best you can,
Again when ready this time fold it in half
You can choose to replace the last flip step with a fold, makes it slightly moister.
Chuck on a plate with Pepper and salt.

That was the Bali version, but here in OZ,
I add lots of stuff, spices, garlic, on occasion for tea even cooked veggies like corn and peas.
easy any yummy.
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