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The Believer

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Image: Amazon/Pixabay

Taking a dive into the deep end of the alien abduction pool is not for the faint of heart. For more than seventy years, ufology struggled to gain a modicum of mainstream acceptance by opting to promote a sanitized concept of an extraterrestrial visitation devoid of any actual face-to-face interaction with the occupants of the elusive craft.

The realization that the unidentified objects appearing in our skies were not merely satisfied with the occasional dazzling light display, but were in fact leaving a trail of well-documented cases of close and often invasive encounters with the subjects of their study, was simply too unpalatable and unquantifiable to be incorporated into any cogent UFO narrative.

As a consequence of this selective marginalization, thousands of alien abductees and experiencers were relegated to the outermost fringes of the alternative community. Largely ignored by...

Hellhole Expedition

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Image: AFP

Locals would not dare go near it. Centuries-old tales of frightening apparitions and strange noises kept reinforcing the lore that something ominous lurked beneath it. Located in Yemen's Al-Mahra desert near the border with Oman, the Well of Barhout, commonly known as the "Well of Hell," over time became the repository of oral and written traditions legends are made of. Central to the folklore of the region, is the idea that the strange geological formation is a place of imprisonment for jinns, supernatural intelligent entities of questionable character found in Arabian and Muslim mythology.

With a depth estimated to be close to 800 feet, and obnoxious gasses emanating from its bowels, the mysterious desert chasm did not help its reputation or gained any sympathy from nearby residents, who caution the curious not to venture too close to it lest they get sucked into a place of torment and...

Ellen a UFO Believer

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Popular American comedian, actress, and show host Ellen DeGeneres has revealed where she stands on the whole UFO issue - and it is a hoot. On the final season of her critically-acclaimed television show, Ellen expressed her firm belief that we are not alone in the universe and that she finds the idea of UFOs being of an extraterrestrial origin a natural consequence of the vastness of the cosmos.The television star now joins an ever-growing constellation of celebrities and scientists who are publicly coming out as UFO enthusiasts.

Recently, a public survey conducted by the prestigious Pew Research Center found that almost two-thirds of Americans believe in extraterrestrial life, and that a large percentage of those who participated in the poll do not perceive UFOs...

Aliens Probe Space Force Facility

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Image: US Space Force

Buckley Space Force base in Aurora, Colorado, is experiencing a rash of unidentified flying objects sightings. A number of UAPs have been spotted hovering over the base's restricted airspace in what appears to be some kind of "surveillance" operation.

The facility, tasked with protecting America's space defense assets, is also an early warning system center equipped with advanced missile-tracking technology offering geospatial support to U.S forces deployed across the globe.

Back in 2020, Space Delta 4 Guardians, a subdivision of space operations command, was able to successfully alert troops stationed in Iraq to an incoming missile attack orchestrated by Iranian militias operating inside the country using sophisticated infrared sensors. All of these sensitive capabilities, however, could be attracting the attention of unwanted visitors.

For several months now, unusual objects have...

Tal el-Hamman - Biblical Sodom?

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Image: Pinterest

Then the LORD rained down sulfur and fire on Sodom and Gomorrah— from the LORD out of the heavens. Thus He destroyed these cities and the entire plain, including all the inhabitants of the cities and everything that grew on the ground. - Genesis 19:24

Archeologists working on a Middle-Bronze-Age city in the southern Jordan Valley northeast of the Dead Sea, believe they may have found the epicenter of one of the most catastrophic disasters that ever befell the region. Tal el-Hamman, a thriving urban center near the Dead Sea, was reduced to ashes in a single day of horror 3,600 years ago. According to a team of scientists who excavated the ancient site for more than a decade, the bustling metropolis and its surroundings were struck by a comet-like, icy solar system body magnitudes larger than the 1908 Tunguska meteor in Russia.

The extent of the devastation found in the "destruction...

Ufodrone Mystery Deepens

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Image: TPD

We are closely following a UAP story that gained much attention in the media earlier this year. Back on February 9, a bizarre UFO encounter made headlines after the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) announced it was looking into a near-miss aerial event reported by agents of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or CBP.

The incident, involving a CBP helicopter and an unidentified flying object, occurred in close proximity to restricted airspace over Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona. The object in question brazenly buzzed the border patrol helicopter and managed to evade a second aircraft operated by the Tucson Police Department, who was called in to render aerial support.

Originally classified as an encounter with an unidentified aerial vehicle, the investigation has taken an unexpected turn that may shed some light of what really happened on that Tuesday night. According to a...

A Submarine's Tiff

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Image: Royal Australian Navy

France has recalled its ambassadors to the United States and Australia over an armaments deal gone wrong. The quarrel began shortly after Australia pulled out of an existing $66 billion contract with France to acquire a fleet of conventional, diesel-guzzling submarines. Can you blame them?

Australia instead chose to bail out of the agreement and jump into the loving arms of America's military-industrial complex for a much better deal that promises to furnish the continent down under with state-of-the-art nuclear-powered subs.

Ever the faithful Western partner, Britain is partially responsible for the diplomatic debacle, as it stands to gain millions if not billions of pounds from the freshly-signed lucrative contract to provide the Aussies with one of the most coveted instruments of war ever designed.

On Wednesday, much to the chagrin of jilted French President Macron, Boris...

San Marino Advocates for UFOs

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Image: Commons

Interesting events are taking place in the tiny Republic of San Marino. An autonomous state, much like the Vatican, San Marino seats comfortably in the northeastern side of the Apennine Mountains in Italy. Counted among the world's oldest republics, it retains much of its old-world charm dating back centuries, making it an ideal tourist destination for those seeking a medieval, picturesque fairy tale experience.

Although it may seem inconsequential, San Marino is a permanent member of the United Nations (UN) and the Council of Europe. As a voting Member State, it enjoys all the privileges afforded to any other global power. And San Marino is planning to make use of its influence to petition the Office of the U.N. Secretary-General for a permanent UFO commission within the halls of the United Nations.

Known as "Project Titan," San Marino officials will request to host an official annual UFO...

SpaceX Inspiration4

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Image: SpaceX

At the time of this writing, SpaceX's Inspiration4 crew of civilian astronauts have already completed their first day in orbit and are about to enter their second. Being stuck in a capsule the size of a minivan for 3 days with a trio of fellow space enthusiasts may seem like an extraordinary feat, but there are some creature comforts on board, like a toilet, and an assorted variety of food to munch on. And just in case one of the newly-minted astronauts gets a sudden panic attack and tries to exit the craft, complementary sedatives accompanied by plastic restrains - all courtesy of Elon Musk - should quell any space-induced freakout that may occur.

Having dispensed with the ugly facts of space travel, let's now concentrate on the positive side of the mission. The crew made history for being the first human spaceflight consisting of private space tourists. The Dragon spacecraft is "higher than...

Spirit Mishap

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Image: Commons

The B-2 Bomber is showing its age. Or maybe the sophisticated supercomputer on board just had a bad day. Either way, reports indicate that a B-2 Spirit out of Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri had to make an emergency landing on the morning of Tuesday, September 14th, while conducting a training mission.

The legendary aircraft is part of a fleet of just 20 stealth bombers currently in operation. According to preliminary reports, the crew experienced some unknown malfunction (rumored to be a possible hydraulic failure) which caused them to return to Whiteman, where the aircraft is based. It is our understanding that the B-2 sustained further damage upon landing. Although the details are not being released just yet, apparently the bomber slid off the runway and ended up in the unpaved, grassy surface next to the landing strip.

The Drive - which broke the story first -...

Varginha Revisited

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Image: Globo/Varginha Online

The bizarre South American close encounter is making a comeback thanks to filmmaker extraordinaire James Fox. Fox, who is currently on location interviewing witnesses of the 1996 event, is convinced of the veracity of the story and is digging deep to find out what local residents and the Brazilian government know about the compelling extraterrestrial case dubbed The Brazilian Roswell.

The event unfolded on January 20, 1996, when residents of Varginha, a municipality in southwest Minas Gerais state, Brazil, reported to the authorities sightings of a strange creature roaming the town and frightening locals. Convinced it was nothing but a prank, fire department and military personnel from a neighboring town took to the streets to put an end to the mischief, only to find out it was anything but.

Upon arrival to the last known location where the creature was sighted, the...

De-Extinction of the Woolly Mammoth

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Image: Ben Lamm (left) and Dr. George Church. (Colossal)

Texas-based start-up Colossal Biosciences, is working on an ambitious plan to resurrect the legendary woolly mammoth from its frozen Arctic grave. Colossal, the brainchild of Ben Lamm, a successful entrepreneur and ecological conservationist, is fully committed to repopulate the Arctic tundra back to its prehistoric glory days, woolly mammoths and all.

By partnering with Dr. George Church - a leading pioneer in genomics science over at Harvard University - Lamn will attempt to geo-engineer the Siberian landscape to accommodate extinct species in an effort to stave off the ever-increasing and potentially irreversible effects of climate change and animal depopulation. The logistics behind the novel project call for a two-pronged approach; where a human-free sanctuary region is selected prior to the reintroduction of "cold-tolerant, lost...

Permanent UFO Program Created

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Image: US House of Representatives

Although UFO talk is winding down in media circles, things are steadily progressing in Washington to move the UAP issue to the forefront. On a recent interview, Luis Elizondo informed the community of a deliberate plan set in motion to curtail the flow of new information from coming out until the appropriate time. Akin to combat stress reaction, the disclosure group composed of Elizondo et al., are trying to prevent the UAP narrative from overwhelming the public at large by unintentionally flooding all mediums with UFO revelations to the point of fatigue. If slow and steady wins the race, the best strategy calls for a gradual and measured release of information over time in order to allow the public and the government to acclimate to the new reality.

Proof that the disclosure wheels are still in motion, came on the 1st of September, when the office of United States...


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Of course you've never heard of it. And the government would like to keep it as discreet as possible. Bluffdale, a city about 20 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah, is home to one the most massive National Security Agency data repository centers that we know of. According to their official website, the facility is "the first Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative (IC CNCI) data center designed to support the Intelligence Community's efforts to monitor, strengthen and protect the nation."

Operating under the motto, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear," the facility is sending a clear message that all of your online activities, telephone conversations, and who knows what else, is being hoovered up and stored in Bumblehive's servers. Although the actual collecting capacity of the operation remains classified, it is rumored that the Utah Data Center is capable of gathering and...

Rendition: A Dark 9/11 Legacy

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Image: Pixabay

A Mystery Wire article by Knapp et al., takes a somber historical look at the long-lasting moral sequela of the war on terrorism. On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the introspective examination highlights the dark stains in the American soul perpetrated by an ambitious plutocratic cabal whose sole purpose is to serve itself. The high cost of unbridled reciprocity, coupled to demagoguery and war profiteering, ultimately led the nation into a dark path where the boundaries of our most cherished fundamental principles became blurred with the simmering smoke of the fallen towers.

As the Bush administration scrambled to find an effective retaliatory response to the 9/11 attacks, powerful forces in Washington's political and military industrial complex plotted behind the scenes to amplify and promote a global threat narrative followed by unjustified invasion plans and...

Unidentified Submersible Objects

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Image: Argosy/Commons/FU/UFO/Amazon

Long before prolific writer and investigator Preston Dennett popularized the topic of underwater UFOs, better knows as USOs (Unidentified Submersible Objects), legendary British biologist and Fortean investigator Ivan T. Sanderson was already trying to make sense of the curious transmedium ability that these objects exhibited.

In 1970, Sanderson wrote a book titled, Invisible Residents: A disquisition upon certain matters maritime, and the possibility of intelligent life under the waters of this earth, revealed that a startling number of UFO sightings (more than 50%), “have occurred over, coming from, going away over, or plunging into or coming out of water.

Logic dictates that if a large portion of our planet is covered in water, it makes absolute sense for an advanced civilization visiting Earth to establish their base of operations deep under the...

Spooky Earthquake Lights

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Image: Twitter
A magnitude 7.1 earthquake shook the coastal resort city of Acapulco, Mexico, in the early evening hours of Tuesday, September 7. Shortly after the powerful seismic event, residents and media outlets began sharing dramatic footage of spooky bursts of blue lights illumining the night sky.

Reports indicate that the earthquake claimed the life of at least one resident and caused moderate structural damage across the region. The true shocker, however, was the mysterious light display in the sky during and after the earthquake, which caused the alarmed citizenry rushing to the streets to ponder whether the world was "coming to an end."

Although seismologists have a working hypothesis of how and why this light phenomenon manifests in regions prone to earthquake activity, it is nevertheless an unnerving sight to behold, specially when the ground is shifting beneath one's feet. Current geophysical...

UFO Debris at Stanford University

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Image: Jacques Vallée/Nolan Lab

We just learned that famous ufologist and scientist, Dr. Jacques Vallée, has submitted various vials said to contain UFO material to Stanford University's Nolan Lab for analysis. Some of the alleged extraterrestrial debris in his possession dates back to 1947 and may even be part of the Roswell crash. Research scientists at the lab will make use of a revolutionary new process called "Multiplexed Ion Beam Imaging" to study the structure and composition of the samples provided by Dr. Vallée.

Over several decades, the noted French researcher and author has collected a significant number of UFO-related evidence in the form of exotic metal fragments originating from purported extraterrestrial craft. Samples from two South American UFO incidents have already yielded incredible results under close observation, giving support to the...

The Local Hole

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Cosmology is in trouble, and scientists are pondering whether the latest observations warrant a serious revision of our current cosmological model. For decades, cosmologists have operated under the educated assumption, backed by a reasonable amount of observational data, that matter is more or less equally distributed across the vastness of the observable universe. Theoretical models attempting to define the initial conditions of the early universe, predict a random but uniform distribution of galaxies and galaxy clusters, whereby no part of the sky shows an overabundance of matter structures when measured at cosmic scales. Recent observations, however, may indicate some gaping holes in our understanding of how the cosmos evolved.

A team of scientists at England's Durham University Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy, have analyzed an unusual cosmic bubble spanning more than 200 megaparsecs in all directions away from Earth. This...

UFO or Secret Tech?

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Image: Michael Fugnit/AviationDaily

An unidentified flying object was spotted over the Philippines this past week, and online aviation experts are excited about the possibility that it was some kind of secret experimental aircraft out of Area 51. Michael Fugnit, a landscape photographer native to Santa Magdalena, a coastal municipality in the province of Sorsogon, was basking in the early sunrise on the morning of September 2nd, when he spotted an unusual shape traversing the sky at a high altitude.

Perplexed by the shape of the craft, which slightly resembled an Angelfish, Michael snapped a single photograph of the fast-moving aerial object as it cruised overhead while trailing a noticeable condensation plume. Experts who have analyzed the photograph point to the similarity...