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Mythical Scythian Gold Looted

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Image: Commons/Facebook

If war has taught us anything, it is that there's no limit to mankind's reprehensible behavior when autocratic leaders use a nation's army as their own personal band of pillagers and plunderers. Early this week, we learned that Russian special forces made their way into the Museum of Local Lore in the occupied Ukrainian city of Melitopo to steal some of the ancient treasures dating back to the days of the (in)famous Scythian Empire.

According to reports, Russian troops accompanied by a mysterious man wearing a lab coat looted the museum of valuable artifacts while holding the staff at gunpoint. Most intriguing of all, was the eagerness of the alleged lab-coat-wearing academic to get his hands on specific relics belonging to the nomadic Scythian culture.

Lore has it, these gold artifacts were gifted to the Scythians by the ancient Greeks, who apparently got it from the Olympian gods...

Elon Musk Buys Twitter

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Image: Pixabay/Twitter

The business magnate set his eyes on the social media platform sometime ago and decided he had to have it. After several rounds of intense negotiations with skeptical shareholders and a trepid board of directors, Musk finally struck a $44-billion deal that will mint him as the new owner of the microblogging platform.

The buyout is one of the most significant events in the life of the 16-year-old company. With the departure of Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, the platform found itself struggling to maintain its popularity and profitability in recent times. Critics of Twitter cite inadequate leadership and unilateral management decisions that infringe on the ability to openly discuss controversial subjects such as politics and other social issues as the main culprits of Twitter's troubles.

In a recent statement, Musk declared that "Free speech is the bedrock of a...

Pentagon's OUSD Chief Fired

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Image: DOD

An explosive exposé by Tim McMillan of The Debrief describes in vivid detail the alleged unceremonious ousting of Garry Reid, the Pentagon's Director for Defense Intelligence. The controversial Washington figure was in charge of all counterintelligence within the Department of Defense, a position that directly oversaw all of Luis Elizondo's AATIP activities related to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), among other Special Access Programs (SAPs).

For sometime now, rumors within the UFO community have circulated about Mr. Reid being the main reason Luis Elizondo resigned from his position at the Pentagon. According to the piece, Reid was allegedly engaged in all manner of hostile, conspiratorial, and corrupt work-environment practices, a situation that degraded to the point of garnering the attention of the DoD’s Inspector General’s Office, which launched a four-year investigation that...

Alien Meteorite Strike Kept Secret

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Image: Pixabay/US Space Command

Why? Because due to the extreme secrecy of the Department of Defense, scientists credited with the discovery couldn't corroborate data that would confirm the piece of rock came from another solar system. The story began back on June 6, 2019, when a groundbreaking paper authored by astronomers Amir Siraj and Abraham Loeb - both Harvard University scholars - appeared on the scientific preprint server ArXiv.

According to Siraj and Loeb, found in the data repository of the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEO) run by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was a peculiar celestial body first detected in 2014. After plotting its trajectory and speed, both scientists came to the conclusion that the extra-solar system meteor was yet another exotic interstellar body hailing from a distant part of our galaxy, much like the...

Brazil to Hold UFO Hearings

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Image: Commons

Brazilian Senators are beginning to take a closer look at the UFO phenomenon in what appears to be a political move designed to mirror their American counterparts. Senator Eduardo Girão, with support from Senators Eliziane Gama, Alessandro Vieira, Izalci Lucas, Jorge Kajuru, Marcos do Val, Paulo Rocha, and José Reguffe; will convene sometime in late June of this year to publicly discuss the UAP issue in an official congressional setting.

Historically speaking, Brazil was one of the first nations in the world to recognize the reality of UFOs back in 1954 during a meeting between high-ranking military officials and members of the press. The call for public hearings on the issue of UAPs comes after arduous lobbying from the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists (CBU) and the initiative "UFOs: Freedom of Information Now," spearheaded by Ademar José Gevaerd, publisher of Revista UFO...

Pentagon's Shocking UFO Files Revealed

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Image: DIA/Pixabay

The British tabloid The Sun claims to have received more than 1,500 pages worth of government documents related to the Pentagon's secretive UFO program, formerly known as the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). The Sun filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) petition back in September 2017 just days after the the New York Times broke the AATIP story requesting any and all documents having to do with with the covert program ran by Luis Elizondo, the former director of AATIP and current (un) official leader of the UAP disclosure movement.

Found within the newly-released files, are shocking revelations of severe health impacts on humans caused by interactions with anomalous aerial vehicles and their alleged occupants. Examples of UFO-related injuries reported by "experiencers" include: hair loss, fatigue, fever, nose bleeds, and heart palpitations. The list of...

SCU Conference + Film

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Image: SCU/OMnium Media

Exciting new developments in ufology are taking place this year. A large group of private sector scientists and academicians from the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU) will convene in Huntsville Alabama for their annual Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference (AAPC) scheduled to begin on June 3rd and culminate on the 5th.

For those of you unacquainted with the organization, SCU is a think tank of scientists, researchers and professionals stretching across organizations, governments and industries to scientifically and publicly explore anomalous phenomena known around the world as UAPs, UFOs, USOs and OVNIs.

Recognized for their rigorous scientific approach to the UFO enigma, SCU members follow strict methodologies and use sophisticated tools of science to analyze and interpret unidentified phenomena events taking place all over the globe.

This year's conference will...

Lear's Legacy

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The passing away of John Olsen Lear at age 79 last Tuesday took the UFO community by surprise. The famous "Godfather of Conspiracies" and former test pilot left in his wake a legacy hardly anyone can ignore. The son of William Powell Lear, an American inventor and founder of the aviation company Learjet, John made a name for himself at a young age flying all types of experimental aircraft for both the military and civilian sectors.

During the Vietnam War, Lear flew cargo missions for the Central Intelligence Agency, a career that deeply suited his intrepid spirit and would take him into all manner of troublesome, political hotspots around the globe. It was in the early '80s that Lear apparently took an interest in a little-known patch of land out in the middle of the Nevada desert - a USAF/CIA top-secret facility that eventually propelled him to "Pioneer of Paranoia" stardom.

Area 51 proved too much of a honeypot for the...

Earendel's Light

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Back when the universe was young, massive blue giant stars many times the size of our sun were hypothesized to inhabit the cosmic expanse. These primordial luminous bodies evolved in gas-rich stellar nurseries soon after the universe was cool enough to support the coalescence of giant molecular hydrogen clouds, which fragmented into gravitational-bound cores that gave rise to population III stars.

Because the early universe was mainly composed of hydrogen and helium, population III stars are said to be the first and most purest class of stars in terms of their lack of "metallicity," a classification used by astronomers to denote any star with an abundance of elements heavier than hydrogen. For many decades, the light signature of these magnificent cosmic candles has eluded our best instruments - until now.

On March 30, NASA announced the discovery of the farthest star ever seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. 12.9 billion years...

The USS Kearsarge Incident

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Image: US Navy

We are following a developing UAP story being investigated by Dave Beaty, a noted film producer and UFO researcher in our community. Mr. Beaty was recently approached by retired US Air Force and Marine Corp senior officers about a possible 2021 UFO incident onboard the USS Kearsarge, an 843 foot-long Wasp-class amphibious transport dock ship under the command of the Navy’s 2nd Fleet.

According to the military officers, back in October 2021, a detachment of U.S. Marines belonging to the Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System (LMADIS) where on the deck of the USS Kearsarge off the east coast of Virginia performing routine work-ups prior to their deployment when they spotted two unidentified objects trailing the Navy vessel. The UAPs were described as "car-sized," luminous, spherical objects roughly 200 feet in the air and moving in an erratic fashion.

Attempts by the ship's personnel to...

DIA Releases long-awaited DIRDs

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Image: DIA

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) just released 37 out of 38 documents containing various scientific studies having to do with the future of aerospace technology. These technical reports - classified as "Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs)" by the military intelligence agency - were produced by Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) as part of their federal, 22 million dollar contract to study anomalous phenomenology such as UFOs/UAPs and other unknowns.

The investigatory effort, spearheaded by then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid under the auspices of the Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Applications Program (AAWSAP), was tasked with gathering actionable intelligence on unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP). In order to carry out this mission, the contract was submitted for public bidding back in 2007 and subsequently awarded to Bigelow Aerospace, a company owned by...

The Phoenix Lights

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Image: Photo of the Phoenix UFO

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the famous mass UFO sighting known as the Phoenix Lights. The March 13, 1997 event had a profound impact not only on the residents of the state of Arizona, but the whole world. In the early evening hours of that fateful day, a humongous boomerang-shaped object was seen gliding silently over the skies of Nevada, Arizona, and the Mexican state of Sonora. According to perplexed witnesses, the unidentified craft measured at least a mile from wing tip to wing tip and had a shimmering, opaque fuselage that reportedly eclipsed the starry background as it eerily transited above the southwestern territories.

As sightings of the peculiar craft waned, reports of mysterious triangular light formations appearing over the Phoenix Valley waxed in frequency, culminating in a massive collective hysteria that could no longer be ignored. Feeling...

New World Order

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That's right. The proverbial cat is out of the bag. From the lips of President Biden, came the announcement that a "New World Order" is upon us. No longer relegated to the uttermost fringe corners of the internet, the popular conspiracy theory is getting its second wind after the leader of the free world uttered the dreaded phrase during a speech.

Although mainstream media outlets are now trying to downplay the significance of such an odd pronouncement, conspiracy theorists took the words of President Biden as a ominous confirmation that the long-suspected plan to bring about a sinister and totalitarian global dictatorship is soon to dawn on us. Our best advice is to go hide.😆

'Station D'

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Image: Amazon

That is apparently the official name of Area 51. While it doesn't have the same evocative impact as other nicknames given to the secretive facility - or conjures up images of super-duper, top-secret alien technology experiments - declassified CIA records indicate "Station D" is what the base was originally called back in the day. According to a new book written by radar specialist and former Area 51 employee Thornton "T.D." Barnes, it took a lot of research and convincing on his part for the CIA to finally admit that little piece of historical fact about an installation that was categorically unacknowledged for many decades.

Secret activities in the Great Basin Desert of Nevada started back in the late '50s, when the Atomic Energy Commission acquired large portions of the land and designated it to be used for nuclear test purposes. Given is remoteness from populated areas, it was later...

Former G-Man Exposes Fake Alien Threat

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John DeSouza, a retired FBI Special Agent who served the bureau for 25 years as a field agent overseeing counter-terrorism activities, investigating paranormal events, and later serving as legal council for the top law enforcement agency in the land, was instrumental in providing some of the best spooky material featured in the '90s television hit show The X-Files. After having spent decades inside the halls of power of the federal government, John is coming forward with a sobering warning about the whole UFO phenomenon.

Contrary to what you might expect from such a prominent, former bureau employee, DeSouza is neither an advocate for the type of disclosure being promoted online, nor a fan of the narrative being put forth by current government whistleblowers. During a recent interview with noted exo-politician Dr. Michael Salla, DeSouza denounced what he alleges to be a government cover-up involving an evil...

Obama's UFO Files

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Image: Commons

The Black Vault's Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) legend John Greenewald Jr, has obtained a positive response to his query from the Obama Presidential Library regarding existent records containing information on the topic of UFOs collected during the time of President Obama's administration. In a letter to Mr. Greenewald, the office responsible for keeping and managing the former President's archives acknowledged having approximately 3,440 pages and 26,271 electronic files matching a search for "communications about the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and photos and videos of Unidentified Flying Objects, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena/Phenomenon and the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program."

During a 2021 appearance on The Late Show with James Corden, President Obama finally admitted having first-hand knowledge of the existence of UFOs when he told...

Miracles in the War Zone

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Image: ukrinform.net/Pixabay

Reports are coming in from the frontlines of Ukraine indicating some kind of divine intervention is at work in the embattled country. Earlier this week, CBN's Ukraine Director Kostyantine Lytvynenko reported on alleged "miracles" taking place as battles rage for control of Ukraine. According to testimonies from soldiers and local residents, strange craft have been observed in the sky prior to and during some of the most intense fighting between the Russian army and Ukrainian soldiers.

Apparently, these unidentified aerial objects are not only conducting their usual monitoring of human activity, but are actually taking sides in the conflict. During one of the many battles currently being fought across the land, a Ukrainian soldier reportedly made a phone call to his father asking for his prayers as his unit was about to engage a whole Russian tank division accompanied by...

NASIC to Study UFOs

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Image: USAF

A growing number of intelligence agencies within the Department of Defense are coming together to tackle the UFO issue head-on. Historically speaking, the sharing of sensitive information at an inter-agency level has been the subject of much friction and reluctance inside US military circles due to competing budgetary interests and compartmentalization issues. With the signing of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, many of these barriers have come down, and now national security agencies are beginning to take a more synergistic approach to the way information is internally disseminated among all interested parties.

On Wednesday, the revised version of the Intelligence Authorization Act (IAA) 2022 was finally released to the public. Contained within the language of the...

Vixen Demon on the Loose

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Image: Commons/Pinterest

Alarming reports coming from the land of the rising sun speak of an ancient evil spirit recently set free and on the prowl for its next victim. We are referring to the Japanese legend of Tamamo-no-Mae, a nine-tailed, shape-shifting fox spirit responsible for causing havoc all over East and South Asia during the Bronze Age.

Lore has it, the evil fox spirit first began its campaign of mischief during the reign of Emperor Zhou, the last Chinese ruler of the Shang dynasty. According to legend, Tamamo-no-Mae possessed the body of a royal concubine and seduced the powerful king into committing unspeakable acts of violence against his own subjects, which eventually led to a massive uprising that ultimately ended his reign.

After the demise of Emperor Zhou, Tamamo-no-Mae took a trip to India, where she beguiled crown prince Banzoku...

Medellin UFO 'Genuine', Experts Say

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Incredible footage of an unidentified flying object filmed cruising the skies of the South American country of Colombia is taking the internet by storm. Members of an Airbus 320 crew on a routine flight over the city of Medellin were quick to notice the peculiar object as it approached the starboard side of the aircraft headed in an opposite trajectory. Unconfirmed reports indicate the UAP was first detected by the onboard instruments, which promptly alerted the pilots to unidentified traffic ahead.

In the video - apparently taken by the flight's first officer - a strange polygon-shaped object approximately 10 to 15 feet in diameter is seen flying past the airliner at a relatively moderate speed. Footage of the avionics at the moment of contact indicate the jet and the object in question were both at roughly 30,000 feet - an altitude considered by aviation experts to be "too high for ordinary helium balloons and most...