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Lady Ghost Busted

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Image: Limitless Security
A security camera at a Birmingham construction site, caught spooky footage of a lady ghost wandering about. Limitless Security, an English company charged with monitoring the location, received a motion detector alert indicating a possible intruder on the site. Adam Lee, the manager in charge of surveillance, quickly turned to his security laptop only to find an eerie ghostly image of what appears to be a woman dressed in a long, white, bridal-esque gown walking past the building materials. A security team was quickly dispatched to the location but were unable to find the mysterious apparition. The whole incident shook up the security personnel, who expressed their personal discomfort after the sighting:

It's incredibly strange. I have no idea what it could have been but I didn't sleep the rest of the night.

Project STRAT

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Image: Netflix
Learn of the life and works of John Shepherd, an alien enthusiast who for thirty years, tried to contact E.T by sending signals into space from his grandparent's house. John, who grew up in the mid-sixties, became fascinated with the idea of communicating with aliens at a young age. Inspired by The Outer Limits television show, and probably by the awe-inspiring sky of rural Michigan, John embarked in a quest to build an assorted array of instruments (all sourced from military surplus sales and a nearby electrical warehouse) that would allow him to broadcast to the heavens.

Project STRACT, short for Special Telemetry Research and Tracking, was the name given to the ambitious enterprise. Consisting of dual-channel oscillators, cathode-ray tubes, a bunch of large screens, and a low frequency transmitter, John set up shop in and around his grandparent's property. In the yard, he erected a...

Rolling Stone's Ufology Deep Dive

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Image: Alienstock Festival
Many ufology insiders believe the field is experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Reports of unidentified objects interacting with military assets and equities are becoming harder to ignore. The Senate is looking into it. Special units to investigate the phenomenon are being created. Yet despite all these exciting new developments, ufology still cannot catch a break.

Ufology began as a serious movement to understand sightings of elusive aerial anomalies that defied conventional explanation. That is, until it was swamped with all kinds of nonsense and fringe to the point of rendering - what could have been a legitimate subject of inquiry - into a parody of itself.

Often the target of snark and ridicule from mainstream media, journalists were happy to seat on the sidelines and cast shade on ufology for being a subject lacking any publicly-acknowledged academic rigour. What little...

Russian Cosmonaut Captures UFOs

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Image: Ivan Vagner/Roscosmos via Twitter
Ivan Vagner, a Russian cosmonaut orbiting Earth aboard the International Space Station, captured revealing footage of UFOs while filming the aurora borealis. Vagner posted the video on his Twitter account and provocatively asked his audience whether it was “Space guests, or how I filmed the new time-lapse...”

The footage, according to Vagner, was sent to Russia's space agency for further analysis.


German Crop Circle Reveals Celestial Mechanics

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Image: Philip Hebeisen
Crop circles are becoming a global phenomenon. While endemic to England, these mysterious formations are beginning to appear more frequently in Germany's agricultural regions. On the morning of July 26, 2020 - near the southern bank of the Ammersee lake in Bavaria - a huge crop circle appeared in a wheat field after a rainy night. The formation, thought to represent an eight-loop retrograde orbital motion of the planet Mercury, is being studied by scientists and mystics alike in order to decipher a possible encoded message.

News of the crop circle brought all kinds of visitors to the region. Many of them, coming as far as England and Switzerland to soak in the purported positive energy emanating from the circle. In recent weeks, it is not surprising to find crowds of people sitting and meditating right in the middle of the formation.

The owner of the farm, however, finds none of...

UFOs Crash Military Exercise

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Image: Creative Commons (CC)

Former Defense Intelligence Officer, Luis Elizondo, in his relentless pursuit of the truth about UFOs, has pinned another key witness to the board. On the latest episode of Unidentified, a Department of Defense investigator contacted Elizondo with information about an incident he conducted an inquiry into between two test helicopters and three unidentified objects.

I have been an investigator for the DoD for 20 years. The entirety of my career has been as an investigator with the goal of attempting to discern foreign threats to our equities.

The investigator, who wishes to remain anonymous, described the event as follows:

Around 2013, 2014, there were...


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Image: Falcon Signs & Designs/Facebook
Las Vegas is anything but shy when it comes to novelties and excess. A proposed UFO-themed burger joint and movie drive-in is taking shape just west of the Strip. Burger51, the brainchild of Jon Basso, a restaurateur and (in)famous owner of the Heart Attack Grill, is bringing an out-of-this-world experience to fast food dining. The new establishment, deriving its name from Nevada's most talked-about military installation, will cater to a crowd that can't get enough of everything UFO.

While on location, you will be able to order an assorted variety of retro burgers, fries, candies, popcorn, and tasty beverages as you enjoy a film shown on the parking lot screen. On top of all these amenities, customers will receive a...

The 'Tic Tac' WiSO

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Image: Chad Underwood

Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell just put out an exclusive interview with Lt. Cmdr. Chad Underwood, the former Navy Weapon Systems Officer (WiSO) who filmed and coined the term "Tic Tac" given to the capsule-shaped UFO sighted off the coast of San Diego. Jeremy has done a fantastic job revisiting the Bob Lazar story and contending online with the most radical debunkers who now seek to undermine the legitimacy of the Pentagon's UFO footage by questioning the capabilities of the Navy jets' instrument systems. In this video, he goes over the details with Cmdr. Chad about his encounter with the bizarre object and how exactly the FLIR pod operates.

New Zealand Beach UFO

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Image: Google
Signs of extraterrestrial visitation are all over if you look carefully enough. This time, the credit goes to Google Maps for keeping an (electronic) eye out. The UFO appeared on David Newstead's desktop screen while conducting a search using Google Maps. The unidentified object, seen off the coast of St. Kilda beach on New Zealand’s South Island, matches the typical description of a saucer-shaped UFO.

The UFO looks like a fat disc, thicker in the upper and lower middle. The object is metallic in color and has no wings and nothing to indicate that it might be a balloon, drone, plane or anything...
- Scott Waring

Even though the picture is several years old, it recently gained popularity on social media when UFO researcher Scott Waring posted a video about it on Friday. See the picture for yourself on...

Moon Aliens Kicked Us Out

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Image: NASA
In NASA's halls of power, the preferred narrative about our celestial companion is that of a barren satellite where no life can thrive. But this came into question soon after man landed on the moon for the first time. Hushed tones reports of encounters with extraterrestrial craft and sightings of artificial structures began to spread like a virus that would inevitable get out and infect the masses at large with the truth.

During a NASA gathering, astronaut Neil Armstrong reportedly spoke with an academic guest about his alien encounter on the moon:


Several other astronauts have come forward with similar stories about edifices and equipment found on the moon not made by human hands. When questioned about our lack of manned missions to the moon in recent decades, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong have, in no uncertain terms, hinted that...

Dusty Avalanche on Mars

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Image: NASA
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter beamed back images of a dust avalanche on Mars. The science probe orbiting the red planet captured the moment a cloud of dust plunged down from a 1,640-foot-tall cliff. The event is thought to occur during spring and early summer months as temperatures rise and vaporize the ice underneath the soil.

The Lady of Mars

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Image: NASA
The Mars Curiosity rover has without a doubt stimulated the overactive temporal lobes of those who look for signs of extraterrestrial life everywhere. Patternicity - or the tendency to find patterns in meaningless noise - is a term coined by noted skeptic, Michael Shermer, who cites it as a great evolutionary trait due to its advantageous nature that allows us to identify patterns that may convey useful information about our surroundings. But, as it's often the case, it could also lead us into making erroneous judgments when presented with visual stimuli.

Case in point: a Curiosity rover image where a ghostly figure of what appears to be a woman is seen standing or hovering over a rock formation. Experts who have studied the photo see it as an artifact of light and shadow playing tricks on the viewer's mind. The horizontal rock layers allowing for the object to stand out from its surrounding...

Apollo's Alien Girl

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By January 1970, NASA had completed two successful Moon landings, and the rockets for Apollo 18 and 19 were almost ready to be taken to the launch pad. But cuts to the federal budget in the previous years put an end to the manned lunar space program. Or so we are told...

It is widely believed in conspiracy theory circles, that 3 more Apollo missions were covertly carried out by the United States in a joint collaboration with the former Soviet Union. And that on these moon expeditions, incontrovertible proof of alien life was found and recovered.

Stories of these alleged classified Apollo missions started appearing online around 2007, when a mysterious youtuber by the name of William Rutledge, uploaded a video to the popular streaming site claiming to be real footage of the Apollo 20 US-CCCP joint voyage to the celestial body. The mission's directive, according to the source, was to land near the Tsiolkovsky crater on...

"UFOs Come From Parallel Dimensions"

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Image: Vimeo
This hypothesis, put forward by Alain Juillet, a former director of France's external intelligence agency (the French equivalent to the United States' CIA), may turn out to be correct after all. No longer an abstract topic relegated to maths and physics, parallel dimensions have gained a popular status in our society that greatly influence the way we analyze and interpret reality. The recent spike in government chatter related to UFOs, is a tell-tale sign that we are ready to explore all avenues available to us and apply them to the unexplained phenomena manifesting in our world.

On a recent interview, Mr. Juillet spoke candidly about UFOs and the possibility that they originate from parallel worlds:

In the particular field of UFOs, not to mention the people who see a flying saucer landing in a field, there are fighter pilots, astronauts, people who are anything but funny and...

Google's UFO Scare

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Image: CBS/Google
Texas residents woke up to strange sightings of unidentified objects flying overhead this Saturday morning. Several white objects were spotted high in the sky near central Texas that did not fit the description of any known aircraft. A concerned public immediately began to report the sighting to their local authorities and news stations hoping for some explanation.

The "UFOs" that caused all the commotion, however, turned out to be Google balloons from Project Loon, a program launched by the search engine giant to bring internet service to rural areas. Google launches these balloons high into the stratosphere which then drift about over regions with little or no online access.

After further investigation using air traffic monitoring sources, authorities confirmed that six Project Loon balloons were present in the sky over Texas on Saturday morning.

Learn more about Project Loon...

1993 Bob Lazar Conference

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Image: Ryan Koopmans & Alice Wexell
Bob Lazar connoisseurs will remember this video as one of the most detailed Q&A Bob ever participated in. But the whole video is hard to find, and you only see fragments of it scattered across various YouTube channels. This is the first time I've been able to watch it in its entirety, and I must say, it was very interesting to hear Bob describe the inner workings of the sport model saucer and its propulsion system. It seems certain details mentioned in this video are missing or glossed over in more recent interviews. If you have a couple hours to spare, I highly recommend you watch it.

Dreamland Through the GoPro Glass

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Area 51 is probably one of the most secretive places on earth. An elaborate military industrial complex sitting on top of what used to be a profitable Silver mine. What comes out of it nowadays, however, is anyone's guess. The U.S Government's official position is that the USAF base is "an open training range", and unofficially, supports a covert Central Intelligence Agency program tasked with the development and testing of advanced weapons systems.

Often described as a breakaway country, Area 51 is ruled by secrecy and probably by its own constitution and bill of rights. The 23 by 25 miles "Groom box," a name given for the base's proximity to Groom Lake, seems to be impervious to any attempts at scrutiny - legal or otherwise.

Surrounded by natural deterrents, access to the actual complex is almost an insurmountable undertaking for the common man. But if you are Gabriel Zeifman, it ain't no thing. Zeifman, an...

Pentagon Appoints UFO Czar

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Image: U.S. Department of Defense
It is happening, folks. The Pentagon just revealed that it will create a UFO task force to study unidentified aerial phenomena. Deputy Secretary of Defense, David Norquist, will preside over the special unit. The Pentagon is expected to officially announce it in the next coming days.

For quite some time now, members of Congress and The White House have expressed their concern about the constant incursions of unidentified objects into our airspace without any tangible information about their origin or agenda:

We have things flying over our military bases and places where we are conducting military exercises, and we don't know what it is and it isn't ours, so that's a legitimate question to ask. Frankly, if it's something from outside this planet, that might actually be better than the fact that we've seen some sort of technological leap on behalf of the Chinese...

Elon Musk Says Pyramids Built by Aliens

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On 30 July, famous entrepreneur, Elon Musk, took to social media with one of his famous one-liners claiming that the pyramids were "built by aliens." The tweet caused angry ripples in the fabric of higher academia, which immediately counter-argued the statement by challenging Elon to visit Egypt and see for himself the handiwork of its men of antiquity.


Image: Elon Musk via Twitter
Zahi Hawass, an archaeologist and former antiquities minister of Egypt, described the tweet as “completely hallucination.” Hawass, who used to be a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, is renowned for his intransigence towards any alternative narrative about the origin of the ancient monuments.

After an avalanche of outraged replies inundated his feed, Elon continued his provocative musings adding that Ramesses II was also of alien origin...

Biden-Harris 2020

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Image: Creative Commons (CC)
Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris to be his vice-presidential running mate. The California Senator is the first person of colour to be nominated for office in the history of the United States. Ms. Harris attempted to win the Democratic Party's nomination for POTUS last year, but failed in her endeavor due to a turbulent campaign filled with controversy and poor debate performance.

This time around, the former prosecutor is more eager than ever to win the hearts and minds of the people and hopes to invigorate Biden's race for the White House. Will Biden and Harris be able to put Trump out of office in 2020?